Friday, August 14, 2009

Go Mike Vick, Goooo!

Well well well... looks as if the Eagles have surprised everyone and did an end around to secure Mike Vick. The criminal of all criminals who rousted a few dogs for nothing more than pure gambling entertainment.

Yes, I think that's deplorable. Yes, I think he is a scum bag for doing so. No, I don't think he gets a pass. And No, I won't be talking about it anymore. He served his time. What I do want to talk about is how his presence will affect the teams ability to confuse defenses.

I doubt he will ever see a snap behind center. Did you know his best completion percentage for any one year matched Donovan's lowest? Yes, QB will not be the spot for Mr. Vick. But you will see him in the slot, the back field, or perhaps even TE.

The point is, he will be used in a capacity to be able to take advantage of his explosiveness on the field.

I've listened to a lot of talking heads, I've read a lot of columns, I watched the press conference from the Eagles. My assumption is that this was more or less a favor to Dungy. Dungy has history here in Philadelphia, and Reid made mention of that many times in his press conference. Goodall also was mentioned as having "stood on the table" for Vick and his character when asked by the organization about his penance and attititude.

In the very least, it wil be entertaining. I know it was said that McNabb lobbied for this to happen as well, so don't go spouting off about the problems he will produce in the locker room. The players seem to be behind this.

For now, I like the pick. Of course, I reserve judgement for after week 6.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

But what about the problems he will produce in the locker room?

1Queens Up1 said...

Whats the over/under in weeks for when McNabb gets replaced as the starter.

I called this by the way :)

lightning36 said...

Vick paid a far greater price than any sports figure in recent history. He paid his debt -- and I wish him well.

I wish the Bears had gotten McNabb when it looked like he could have been acquired.