Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Christ, you can take a drop and hole out with a wedge!

That's right Ladies and Gentlemen. This is PGA Championship week. The least of the four majors, unfortunately for the event, but nonetheless, still a Major. It is also the last one of the calendar year, and for most casual fans of golf, the end as well.

This year has some pretty week story lines. Usually there is some sort of ridiculousness surrounding the one of the three previous major winners. Someones final shot at a major, someones final shot at redempetion, someones final shot at winning all four in their lifetime.

Of course this year is Tiger. His last chance to win a Major this year, which has pretty much been touted as a pretty dismal year. Go figure, cause the last time I checked, he has won 5 times this year so far. I guess that's not up to Tiger's "par" because some of the articles written and some of the broadcasts I've watched have been silly.

One guy said on a broadcast that Tiger has been one of the biggest disappointments this year. Well look. Don't be an asshole. As I said, the guy has won 5 times this year. And that's a year coming off of knee surgery. His 4th. There are recognizable pro names out there that haven't won that many events in their CAREER, let alone one year, and all of a sudden, Tiger's a disappointment. I love it. Good Christ, the guy is up for player of the year, and you have some douche bags calling it a disappointment. Save me your bullshit Johhny. He's not a god. Just an exceptional human being on the course. Give him credit for Christ's sake.

So that then becomes the story for the week. Will Tiger win his last shot at a major for '09. A big part of that story will be if he wins, it takes him 2 back from grabbing his coveted 19th major. 19 surpasses Nichlaus's record and launches Tiger into... well, he's already there. But it will be the completion of the goal he has strived for since he started this whole mess.

What it does for the media is give them a clock. At which major will he surpass Jack? The stories will be relentless next year.

Another big story is the course itself. This year it is playing rather long. How long? 7600 yards long. Wanna know what the average length from the tips at most golf courses are across the Divided states are (political joke)? How about 6400. A professional tournament averages closer to 6800 yards. So this time around they have a nother 800 yards to contend with.

How does that shape up for the players? Well, 3 of the 4 par 5's are more than 600 yards. And there is one par 4 (the 12th) that is 518 yards. The bigger hitters will have an advantage. Not much of one, because they still have to putt. But one none the less.

Byron Nelson, who was Tiger like before Tiger's dad even fingered his first girlfriend believed that you couldn't putt until you got the ball to the green. A little different thought process than the 'ole "drive for show, putt for dough" slogan, but nonetheless important.

I believe that there will be some good stories this week. People will be hammering the ball away. When that happens extrordinarily good things will happen for some, while others will struggle.

Sergio Garcia is always a favorite of mine. I root for him week in and week out with the loyalty of a dog without as much as any reciprication from his success. I don't know why, but I have always loved this kid. His issues this year stem from heartbreak. And he has admittedly said so. His little piece of ass, Morgan Leigh Norman (Gregg Normans daughter) ditched him early in the spring, and he hasn't recovered. Poor little guy. I think it's been long enough to recover and I hope he punishes the little white ball as if it were her ass. If he can keep it straight, and make the putts that he never could beforem, his length and short game should give him a huge chance.

Of course you have some old schoolers out there playing this week as well. Mark Brooks, Davis Love, and I think David Toms will be playing again. All past champions. Paul Azinger, fresh off of his suspension from last year's event. Why? cause he withdrew from a tournament last July saying he was hurt, but ended up at a table in the World Series of Poker. HAHAHAHAHA! Love's him some gambool.

Freddy Couples is playing (my favorite of all time), Bob Estes who got in as an alternate yesterday. Woody austin, Jim Furyk. They're all there. Christ, even Corey Pavin is playing. It will certainly make for a good view.

Tiger has won the PGA 4 times in his career. All 4 of them back to back. Twice in '06 and '07, and twice before in '99 and '00.

That means if he is to win this week, it's a good calculation that he might win next year. (That and the fact that he's only the best golfer to ever play the game). Those things combined would mean that one major win in between now and then would put them at a tie. (Tiger has 17, Jack has 20; counting US Amateur Championships for both as well). Jack has 73 lifetime wins, and Tiger has 69.

If Tiger can win this week, it will certainly make for next years season an incredible one to watch. The passing of the torch if you will. I will assume by watching Tiger his whole career that he will not just tip toe across the finish line either. I can imagine a complete and utter domination of those records next year. I wouldn't be surprised if he won all 4 Majors, (first to do so ever, even though he was held all 4 trophies at once) and about 7-10 other wins. I wouldn't be surprised if he went out and destroyed Byron Nelsons record of 11 straight (actually 12 but the last one wasn't a sanctioned PGA event, so it didn't count).

Yes, into today's field it seems almost insurmountable to accomplish. But we are talking about one of the greatest talents, the greatest competitors, of our lifeftime. I'm hoping for Sergio this weekend. I don't know why either. I just like the kid. But Tiger wouldn't be a surprise, nor would it be unwelcome. Oh and Freddy winning, or at least contending, wouldn't be bad either.

In the very least, even if you are just a casual fan of golf, the course set up will be worth the watch. Monster drives will be all over the place this week. It will certainly be one to enjoy.


1Queens Up1 said...

Golf...meh. How about an Eagles post detailing the virtues and vices of having Mike Vick as a Flex option under Andy Reid.

:) Go KC!

Schaubs said...

Easily my favorite post of yours in a while Riggs. Awesome stuff.

My points:

Tiger now has 70 wins after Padrig handed it to him.

Gooooooo Cup Cakes!!

I like Serg as well, I just hope he rolls the putts like we know he can.

Although my side bet with Fuel makes me pull against him this week - I've got harrington, stricker, westwood, perry, mahan, poulter

Fuel's ghey picks: furyk, garcia, appelby, rose, mcilroy, weir

Simon's even more ghey picks: mickelson, cink, singh, tim clark, zach johnson

Fuel elected to pick first and let me have 3rd pick. What a guy.

Golf pool fishies are easy mobney baby.

Goooooo Tiger, I agree with everything you said.

Bam Bam does too...

Shrike said...

Why is Couples your favourite?


DrChako said...

Random thoughts:

1. Tiger is the best ever. It's a forgone conclusion he'll shatter every record... EXCEPT Byron's. There's no way anyone wins 12 straight unless we have another draft and Tiger gets an exemption for his bum knee.

2. Freddy has the best swing in golf. Ever. It is a thing of beauty. His autograph is the only one I have. One of my great memories is following him around the course when he played with John Daly and Davis Love III at the Buick in Georgia.

3. I stopped liking Sergio when he went through that phase where he waggled like 70 times before he hit any shot. I could tell it was all in his head and it hit too close to home. Still, ya gotta love a kid who has a Ferrari for America and a Ferrari for Europe.


BamBam said...

Let's get right to the obvious fact here...... FUEL is ghey!

Schaubs speaking on my behalf....... is ghey!

Brudder Chako is correct about Nelson's record, but a Ferrari home and abroad ..... is just ghey!

Best version in refererance to the title of this post EVAH......
TPC Sawgrass 1999, 17th. hole island green, Freddie Couples "hole in 3."
Disagree with me and not only are you totally wacked out and wrong, you are also ghey!

Riggstad said...

Freddy is my guy because he was the one I could identify with the best. His swing is perfect, and his demeanor was even better.

Doc, Ernie has a nice swing as well, but he is a little too laid back for me. Between Ernie and Freddy, it's a toss up on swings.

Don't discount Tiger's ability to get 12 straight. Even though it only has to be 11. Remember, Byron accomplished that feat when he was 34 and quickly retired immediately after that to go raise cattle. I think Tiger turns 34 next year :)

Schwabbie - I like Fuels team. Padraig is draggin' this year, Mahan is a stiff, stricker is meh, but I do like Poulter and his length.

Fuel has furyk, the straightest guy in golf, garcia (who hopefully will have a case of the red ass), Rose (who the eff knows), McIlroy (the air apparent), and weir.. which means nothing.

Simons ain't that bad either :)

Schaubs said...


Oh yeah well...


Funny because that is what the experts were saying about Padrig befoer he won his second (of back to back) Open Championships.

You will eat your words!

We all know Tiger is going to win anyway. Steve W. said so.

Bam Bam - a hole is three is just a par... big deal!

BWoP said...

Riggs likes Poulter's length . . . that, my friends, is ghey

corron10 said...

LOL at CK.

As good as Woods is, and my man crush on him is strong, he will never break Byrons record. There are too many good golfers now. Just a different era. As far as all the other records, they dont stand a chance.

and he destory the Par 5s today. No one will be able to match it.

Anonymous said...

One of my pleasures in life is watching that little whinny bitch Sergio stick iron after iron to within 8-12 feet and miss putt after putt.

Over Rated.

Nice write up.

Shrike said...

Pretty horrific Sunday for Woods & Harrington ... choke-tastic.