Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weight loss challenge punks

For all ya'll participating in the weight loss challenge, I found a site.

The Daily Burn will allow you to build a whole workout program, nutrition, tracking, challenges with friends, and even widgets for your blog. It's a totally free site.

If you want, jump on and we can track each others progress or even set up the challenge there.



Astin said...

Their water consumption is bullshit. The 8 glasses a day thing is a false myth.

Drink when you're thirsty, don't overdo it due to some standardized number. The original recommendation was for 8 glasses a day INCLUDING any water from other drinks, fruit, vegetables or food in general.

Dawn Summers said...

Were the parameters of the challenge ever officially established?

23skidoo said...

OK I'm in.

23skidoo on DailyBurn. I am a fat bastard.

Katitude said...

Katitude on dailyburn. I give my attention span until mid-September when school stuff starts getting crazy

Shrike said...

Parameters are simple: choose target weight. Must be met either at WBG or January 1st. Fail = pay money or single malt Scotch to other participants.

You and VinNay never published target weights on my blog.