Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No Halladay.... Lee

The Phils have scratched Lou Marson, Donald, and Carrasco from their minor league game tonight. Apparently a deal has gone down for Cliff Lee with the Indians. I think Knapp is going with those 4 players as well for Lee.

I'm not exactly sure how to feel about this yet.

The chance at Halladay is gone. I want to finish writing this up and will do so shortly.


OK, now that I"ve finished what I have been doing I can write this up and try to make some sense of it. If there is any to be had. And I am going to take this from the stand point of the organization and not a fan.

I think Halladay is an auto grab for whoever Toronto wanted. There's so much upside to him over the next two years it's ridiculous. But let's look at what they wanted for him. Happ and Drabek being the deciding factors. The other two are insignifcant for this discussion.

The organization has stated time and time again that Drabek is an untouchable. Should Halladay have changed their mind? The fan side of me says absolutely. But let's look at the Phil's situation.

And let me say there is no way I believe that the organization sat there and said "NO WAY are we giving up Drabek for anyone.". I firmly believe that they tortured themselves over this decision, and I can be pretty sure that there was much infighting about letting go of Drabek.

So let's look at some assumptions. They give Drabek Happ and whoever to Toronto (whoever being Brown, their best fielding prospect) in order to get Doc. That leaves us where in the rotation? Who starts 5th?

You basically have Halladay Hamels Blanton Moyer Pedro

Now you have Lee Hamels Happ Blanton Moyer / Pedro with Pedro probably going into the bull pen... and you still keep Drabek.

NOT TO MENTION that you keep LEE away from the Dodgers! Which is a very poignant statement when discussing WHY we settle for Lee over Halladay.

I'm not defending the fact that they wouldn't give up Drabek for Halladay. Christ, you have Charlie and Gillick screaming for it to get done. But from an ownership perspective and what would be given up in the long run, versus what you already have in offense and talent, adding and keeping seems better than adding and giving. Getting Lee for what they got is almost retarded anyway.

Marson isn't all that great. Donald has zero chance of seeing any time with Utley there, Carrasco has potential but has pretty much shown nothing when it counted. I like his size at 6'3" and his velo, but still pretty much a stiff. Knapp is unproven and behind Drabek. I actually like the deal and how it sets up the Phils for the rest of this year and moving forward.

Now all of this is under the assumption that the deal as I have written it goes forward. I won't be happy if Happ is inculded, but it doesn't sound like he is. As of now.


Shrike said...

Rose-coloured glasses, I see? ;)

Simple fact is that none of the Phillies' prospects are can't miss types, and Doc provides unmatched impact over next two playoff runs. Phillies should have already agreed to pay the cost in young talent to get him. You don't get that many chances at multiple WS rings, and his combination of durability & effectiveness fits the Phils' needs like a glove.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I'm glad we didn't give up Happ and Drabek for Halladay and that fat salary of his. And although I am not in love with Lee as a pitcher, the fact that we got him without giving up a single player from our major league roster, plus without giving up Happ or Drabek makes this a much better deal, even though it's for a much worse pitcher. Adding Lee to the staff clearly improves our rotation, and we did it basically for free as far as I'm concerned. We'll have to see how Lee pans out of course (I would have zero doubts about Halladay), but in general I think the Phils approached this move from a very responsible standpoint and I am fine with the way it all shook out.

We got better immediately for this season, and we also retained our ability much better to be good in the future as well, as compared to the Halladay deal.

1Queens Up1 said...

Best deal for the Phils all-around IMHO.
Dance with the ones who brought ya!

Myers thinks he'll be in a game within 3 weeks, so we have reliever help coming, all we need is a bat of the bench to replace Bruntlett which should be easy to come by....

Phillies are in late September mode in late July hopefully they dont flame out. Go Reuben Amaro!

1Queens Up1 said...

Oops I missed this part:

Fox Sports reports that the Cleveland Indians and Philadelphia Phillies have agreed to a deal that sends Cliff Lee and Ben Francisco to the Phillies for Jason Knapp, Carlos Carrasco, Jason Donald and Lou Marson. Both team still have to examine medical records before the deal is official.

Francisco is the right-handed bat that the Phillies have been looking for. Francisco is batting .250 with 10 homers and 33RBIs.

Shrike said...

I think the Phils scalped the Indians. Can't argue with that trade.


corron10 said...

Cant argue, w/ the 08' Cy Young winner.

Couple of concerns though...

One concern is how heavy they are on starting lefties?

two, he is free agent, unless they pick up the i think 9mil option. and he said he was willing to test the free agent market

But the phillies did kill 2 birds w/ 1 stone, w/ picking up the right bat.

Louise said...

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