Monday, July 13, 2009

Full Tilt new cards?

This happened to me in-game while playing a $10 45 person tourney. It lasted exactly one hand and I did nothing to change it. After that hand it went back to it's original state.

I looked to see if there was an option to change cards to look like this and I couldn't find anything in game. No one else at the table would confirm that it happened either. One responded that he didn't notice any change. I'm not sure I like it. But I got a screen shot of it in time to post here.

It also reverted back to it's original look in HH as well. Wierd. But then so are all of the latest updates. Or at least their implementation.

The above pic is the new card look. The below pick is the original it went to and from. Also a look at the new HH replayer on Full Tilt, and a lost opportunity for me to crack AA :)


DrChako said...

It happened to me too, but there is a simple explanation. Play with your table size and you'll see the change. If you shrink it down just a tiny bit, the cards look exactly like your screen cap. My guess is that you accidentally resized your screen when you saw the change, but it might have been an auto-refresh thing on your monitor. Either way, it's part of the new upgrade on FT.

I like the fact that you can "play out" the hands on the new HH screen. Pretty cool.


edgie212 said...

Hey man, edgie212(jeff) from yeaterday. I agree with Chako, I experimented that same night and found that it's a convenience thing when you shrink your tables down to multitable or something. At a certain point the cards switch back and forth if you're at the table size 'borderline', which is probably what was happening to you.

Riggstad said...

Thanks for the info guys. You are 100% right, and I like it now that I know the reason.

good stuff on Full Tilt's part. Now if they can weed out the bugs on the rest of the upgrade. Slow systems seem to be the issue, and I am experiencing more time outs than ever before.

I've flushed my machine to make sure it's not on my part. But they seem to be adding more and more updates as fixes. I've had three updates since the last major one.

Bayne_S said...

If I win a pot there is about a 1/3 chance that I experience freeze

Table changes in tournies seem to trigger as well

Julius_Goat said...

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Drizztdj said...

I played a cash game with Daddy for about an hour and my FTP cards stayed in the new format the whole time.

Didn't see the past hand graphics before.

corron10 said...

the slowness blows, the timeouts are more, but havent tried it again since Saturday

Sean D said...

Maybe it's time to get money back on FT :-)