Monday, January 26, 2009

You're my kid brother Mikey!! Did 'ja evah dink of that??!?!?!

That's the way pop wanted it.... WELL IT'S NOT THE WAY I WANTED IT!!!

Coverage at the Borgata is going well. We got a ton of live interviews on camera and will try to get them up later today on the wordpress blog.

I interviewed most of them myself for the State of the Union post which is almost done. It's long and I am wondering if I should post it in parts, or just the whole thing at once. I don't know why I let decisions like these torment me. Oh wait, I know. I'M CRAZY.

no beer and no tv make riggsy go crazy.... DON'T MIND IF I DO!!

It's been a rough one on me having to travel back and forth every day because of commitments back home, and I actually never got down yesterday. It was a bummer for me because day 1's are always the best. Today is day 1b and after a meeting up here I will be heading back down.

Hopefull I can cancel a meeting for tomorrow am, and just stay down tonight. I'd hate to have to make that trip back and forth 8 times in 3 days.

Today should prove to be an interesting one. For one thing, no one knows how many of those internet pros will be playing today. I would guess that there will be more than expected. Saturday saw most hibernating before day one 1a after a raucous night of partying on friday.

Those who didn't have their seats yet were still trying the satellites, while the those that did slept til the late afternoon, had a bite, then went straight back to their rooms to get some more rest.

That made saturday a pretty boring day, but we still had the final table of the HOSE to cover and some scheduled interviews that lasted about 20 minutes a piece.

When the Borgata announced that they were running a 3k main event last October for their Winter Open, and that the WPT wouldn't be involved, there was a lot of skepticism from the west. I had spoke to a few pros and agents what they had thought about it. The replies were laced with confusion, disappointment, and criticism.

Well, all of that must have changed from then til now because it is a happenin' place, and some of the interviews will reflect that. Poker is changing, and this is proof. Only not in the way you think it is.

Continue following the series at Today should be interesting.

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