Friday, January 23, 2009

Do you hear that Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability.

Headed down yesterday to the Borgata to get the crew set up and start reporting on the Borgata Winter Open. Had a couple of meetings and then hit up the Media Day event.

I think there were a total of 20 players. One of the good guys, Chris Short of Short productions, and who will be taking the video for the event on Saturday took down the whole thing winning the rights to his name on a charity of his choice for $5k.

The Rooster was down, and along with Al and myself, the rest of the crew hit up the Gypsy bar for a little after media tourny party. The Gypsy bar is a tequila bar and they had a little tasting there for us. I don't remember too much about hte tequila history as being told to us by the bartender because her tatoos and jumblies kept distracting.

Lacey Jones chatted it up in the corner with some of the crew setting up some time for some good interviews on Saturday. I have scheduled some other ones as well, so with Al blogging and the rest of the crew getting some audio interviews, and video interviews, we should be just bangin' with content.

I pick Smokkee up from the airport tonight and head straight down to AC. We will be blogging off of the link below, so please pass the word and check out all the good stuff we will be doing!

Good luck to all you Bloggers and RPT'ers who wil be playing and we'll be sure to cover your progress

Pimp this link for coverage if you feel so inclined!

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Shrike said...

I see Lacey Jones and later ... "bangin'" ... used as an adverb.

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