Friday, December 12, 2008

I think of a man, and I take away reason, and accountability.

I did my part in participating in the winter gathering yesterday by dropping Al off ot the airport. That was my physical part. In spirit I got him the number of an uber contact who bounces for one of the finer pole establishments in Las Vegas. This guy has all the outs, so don't let Al hold out on you! (Drizz, I'm looking your way).

I was down AC all day in a meeting and seeing folks and talking with some pro regs there, and just really missing the play. I haven't "played played" in so long it's starting to hurt. I watched like a Dog staring at it's master as he/she opens the can of dog food waiting to be dumped in the bowl with the stare that would win any contest, drooling, licking me chops. Then some idiot jumps up at the table across the room screaming... "NUTTS!!!" and starts doing the chicken dance.

I look over closely and see it's a 1/2 table and the pot has no more than $100 in it. I wake up and decide business is a little more pressing than this free roll type of shit that seems to be played more and more at all the rooms in AC.

Walking and sitting in that room talking and jamming on the crackberry waiting for my meeting is a great spot to observe. A lot of you readers out there are voyeurs as well. People watchers. If you play poker it's almost inherent, or at least learned real quickly. I sat there and watched a $100 tourny in progress, a 20/40 lilmit game, and 1/2 nl game.

What do you think was more interesting? I don't know that I could attach "interesting" to any of them, but I can tell you what was more entertaining. And I'm not talking about the play. I had typed out several texts to Griff and Wheels with some hysterical observations, but didn't send them because even after wasting the time to type them, I figured, why bother? It would just be telling them things they already know. And would be better to tell them in person, via a story. I can be more colorful that way.

The one text went something like, "Jesus Ferguson must be trying his $0 to $10,000 theory out in live play because he is playing the $100 daily tournament AND a 1/2 table at the same time. Only this time he has decided to wear all navy blue. Including the hat."

Then another one said, "If this guy trys any harder to look act and play like a pro, at a 1/2 table, he's goig to explode."

I had pictures to go with the texts but I don't feel like uploading them from the phone. The second one is funnier with the pic. Just use your imagination. Picture Waffles with a skull cap pulled down over his eyes, wearing a Full Tilt Jersey, and taking 3 minutes before every action, looking confused in a way at his opponents bets that says he's really not confused, and non-verbally questions every hand that he is not in. AGAIN, at a 1/2 table.

I look at these guys and swear I just want to grab them from the hem of their oversized shirts and swing them into one of the greek columns in Borgata Poker room, over and over again. And not for any other reason than it would just make me feel better.

I'm salty that I'mm not in vegas. I'm salty that I'm here dealing with more proposals and spreadsheets, and a pile of phone calls I have to make. I'm salty that Cole Hamels went on NY radio and publicly called out the Mets as chokers. I think that is the dumbest thing anyone can do to their competition at this point. They've won the world series, they have beat the Mets up and down the field, and htey are their main rival. Shut your hole pretty boy. I love you to death but shut your friggin trap. No need to dance on the grave. For the dead rise again. And make you look like an idiot.

I hope everyone has a good time in Vegas. And I hope there's no need for medical care while you are out there. Al, I'm looking your way...


1Queens Up1 said...

Raul Ibanez? There were no better options than paying a 36 year old LF 30 mil/ 3 years becauses he has had 100 Runs in the past 3 years?

Slutty McWhore said...

Hmmmm. Your blog is in another language to me because I don't like card games or gambling. I went to Las Vegas once, maybe about 12 years ago, and lost a dollar in a slot machine - and I decided to stop at that. It just doesn't interest me. I know there's a certain skill to it, but there's such an element of luck involved, so how can you be proud of yourself if you are successful?

Anyway, thanks for the comment you left on my blog last month. Curiously, one of my clients ended up stumbling across my blog because of a poker blog. Don't know if it was yours.

goooooood girl said...

your blog is very nice......

1Queens Up1 said...

Riggs, seriously dude, wtf is up with this?

Phillies sign Park to 1-year, $2.5M deal

Minors or cut by June!

Word Veri was "logic" of which the Phillies are showing little to none of...

Shrike said...

You were missed.


Drizztdj said...

Al was too busy rocking out to Freddy Mercury and downing the biggest f'in shots I've ever seen of SoCo.

Too bad, I definitely could have used a skillet :(

custom poker tables said...

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