Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You'd better be every F@#KIN' inch as good as he says you are!

Nothing like an irrate Craig T. Nelson. Love that dude!

I was chatting with a friend and was telling her about something that happened to me. I play in a fantasy basketball league hosted on cbssportsline. I am currently in second place by like 3 points and third is 10 points behind me.

Everyone was giving me shit when we drafted cause, frankly, I don't follow the NBA. But I picked a good team, and luckily injuries haven't hampered me like everyone else.

So, anyway, Sportsline has a message board and a chat room to join while the games are playing so you can , supposedly trash talk. The scoring updates live, and it's been alot of fun. The scoring is based on like 8 categories, and you get points, and lose points for doing well or poorly.

I left a few messages in the chat room last week about most of the guys being gay or weak, or pussies, and specifically Fuckers!

Then on Sunday, I noticed I couldn't get into the chat. It just kept saying, trying to connect. I thought it was just a tech problem. But it just kept saying that even after I logged off, and tried again. then yesterday and last night, same thing.

I mentioned it to my neigghbor who is the administrator of the league. He tells me he got an email from sportsline saying that I"ve been banned from chat because of abusive language. Mind you, not one person in the league "reported" me, or complained. And, it is a closed, private league. Which means NO ONE ELSE can see it.

Christ, you should have heard what these guys were calling me on draft night!!

I don't want to get into a political discussion here about rights and shit, but what the friend pointed out was this... "When you hear kids on a school bus using the "f" word as much as X-box, gummie bears, and i-pod, it's time to re-evalute the standard."

Which really makes perfect sense. I mean can the word "F" which has taken on so many new meanings, as an adjective, a noun, even a verb, be classified as a curse word? Or should it be?

And back to sportsline for a second... why are they not telling ME that I've been banned. Why wasn't I given a warning? why is there nothing on the site that says abusive language will be banned?

Is this retarded? WTF??? And the coward admin won't send a message back to sportsline to reinstate me.

I'm not saying that the word should be accepted in everyday, professional situations, or on prime time Hannah Montana episodes. We should hold some decorum of respect. But to ban a private user, who paid for a service, well FUCK THEM.

And here is me exercising my free speech. Taking my business away. FUCKERS!

For those interested, I'm out for Vegas. I don't feel limping around trying to keep up with a bum wheel and taking at least 4x longer than everyone else to get to where I need to go will make it a fun trip. I've even cancelled the meetings I had arranged and will hopefully have some home games to play.

See some of you tonight at Bodog. Certainly will be a good time!


corron10 said...

yo after the holiday... give me a call for the home games.. i miss playing live fo real...

Mark said...

Oh sure !

One post and you can get Corey out to a game! I drive 800 miles to hopefully have a drink with the fucker and NO !!!


And this post, I mean c'mon RIGGS! Fucker!!!! How the fuck did you NOT expect to have chat banned for the use of the word FUCKERS? I mean fuck, c'mon!

Admin is a Fucker and the site is run by a Fucker that's a fucking coward.

So fuckin' sorry the wheel is keeping you from Vegas this weekend. That fuckin' sucks!

Word verification should be :



Shrike said...

Lame. Drop me a line, sir.


BamBam said...

Yeah !!!

What ^--- that Fucker said !!!


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

You're out too? WTF!?

Are you Fuel?

Drizztdj said...


Get hammered.

Get free wheelchair rides.

Katitude said...

Fucker. You could totally milk the whole "I can't get to the bar, can you grab me one" while in Vegas. And like Drizz says: wheelchair rides.

BWoP said...

Fuck you you fucking motherfucker.

How the fuck am I going to drop the fucking hammer on your fucking sorry ass?

BamBam said...

^------ I fuckin' <3 hot AND flexible in one comment stream!

FUCKERS !!!!!!

corron10 said...

i think i was meant to say was, give me a fucking call, you gimpass fuck. thank you and please. how the fuck was that....

$mokkee said...

Fucking mutherfuckin fuckity fuck fucks