Friday, December 19, 2008

...a hot bowl of steaming Bishop!

I have been writing two posts that I don't know will ever see the light of day. I'm sure one will get posted, and probably soon.

One is what I call a state of the union address on Poker. Where it's been, where it is now, and where it's going. This is all based off of what I have seen in the industry, both live and on-line. From a players and a providers point of view.

The next is sort of a mission statement for bloggers and what we should do to protect and advance this game. Our responsibility have you.

The state of the union is more likely to be posted than the mission statement, because, well, who the hell am I? Jerry Maguire?

I found a new blog dealing with basketball. It's called the trillion club and has to do with 3 bench players from Ohio St who are determined to take the minutes they play and have zero box score. Well written and quite funny.

Playing live tonight and should be a very fun time. Back at the place you would remember from the bash where we had the tournament (assuming you came to the bash).

Christmas is coming and I haven't bought one present yet. Love that shit! Come monday I walk down the isles and grab everything that catches my eye as an acceptable gift. Mostly electronics I guess.

Congrats to the machine for taking down the Bodog.


corron10 said...

saw your comment, it would have to be after the holidays.. way to busy right. what would the limits be anyway?

BamBam said...



When I get in from Monday "jammed-up" shopping, I think a dial-a-shot may be in order.


Oh and for the record...... I seriously hope you post'em both. Remeber the key ingredient to your blog........


Holdin' back, get's me SO JAMMED-UP!!!