Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You know, I spend a lot of time working on my hair, and... he hits it... He hits my hair!

The dog days of summer are here, and well, they are not so dogged. Come to think of it, neither was last year. Nor the year before that. At least not in these parts. We haven't had the schorching 95+ days with the 173% humidity that makes you want to just stop what you are doing, find shelter in an air conditioned room, and fire up the laptop.

With all the talk about global warming (blahahahaha) I don't see the fuss about the rising temperatures. Yeah, I know, we are talking about a few years, but lets look at it this way.

The world, 4 billion years old, has always had climate change. To think that the pollution we have made within the time frame we have, in relationship to the time of existence for the whole world, will cause some sort or irrepairable damage is silly. At least in the sense of how it is being portrayed by the activists, the media, and the politicians.

Volcanoes in the past have spewed more damaging gasses than we could ever up to this point without realy changing a thing. I'm sure some of you will post links with research and charts, that will show how much the atmosphere, ozone, and other stuff has changed since we introduced fossil fuels into society, but to think our little period of existence could change mother earth in such a way that will destroy her, and us, in a period or time frame equivalent to the size of a pin head is just plain retarded.

The climate is going to change anyway. Its the way of the universe. But not anytime soon.

Why does this come about? Watching a show last night about what would happen to the earth without the moon, I got into a little argument about the facts, and thesis of the show. Of course the shows premise was about how the earth will just go into climatic turmoil without the moon. How the moon is what keeps us rotating on an even keel (a constant 23 degree axis, to be precise).

The opponents comment was... "I dont believe it. They don't know for sure. There never has not been a moon, so how do they know what would happen if it wasn't there. Who's to say that if the moon disappeared, some other force would come together to keep the earth on its 23 degree axis?" I said , point to mathematics. Thats the proof. Numbers. Numbers always have the proof. Thats how they know. As far as your theory of something taking its place, well, there is no proof that something like that could happen. Maybe god would come out and hold the erth in his palms and make sure we spin on that axis, but there is no proof of that. "Thats horseshit", said the man! I told him to go to church, pray about it, and then blow up the moon, and see if we would be ok.

That of course led to other discussions and debates. The best one was who was the best Batman ever. I tend to lean towards Michael Keane (edit* Keaton). I just think he nailed it. And was the first. the first is alwasys best. Sean Connery as bond (I think he was first), Harrison Ford as Dr. Jack Ryan (remember Ben Affleck? didn't think so), and of course Wesley Snipes in Major league. Just owned Omar Epps who played Willie in the sequel.

I was watching a little of the Allstar festivities over the last two days. Soo funny the Chase utley incident. If you didn't see it you can stop by Al's blog to see the video. Some Mets fans were booing when he was announced and he dropped the big F bomb on them. Kinda upset me a little that he didn't have the fore thought to know that he was being recorded and let that fly. Especially with that opportunity. If i'm in that situation, knowing the whole world watching can hear what I can say, I think a big, "listen to those poor mets fans, what a bunch of baby's" would do to them. ESPECIALLY Mets fans. Lets spend collosal amounts of money, and blow a 17 game lead to a team that has ZERO pitching. Then lets spend more money, fire our manger, and struggle to be in contention the next year.

Then I watched an interview with Derrick Jeeter when he spoke about Yankees fans. He called them the most intelligent fans in baseball. His example was the fact that when he would walk on the street, someone would come up to him and ask him about last nights game. What happened?

Thats not a sign of intelligence. Thats a sign of being a crybaby. OR, someone who wants to converse with a celebrity type and cant come up with anything better to say. Other than, Wow! Its Derrick Jeeter! (who I love as a ball player btw.) And thats not relegated to Yankees fans only. Thats most every single breathing baseball fan in the world. Everybody wants results. But asking that question is certainly not a sign of baseball IQ.

I think he could have come up with something better. Just as Chase could have. I mean, how do you not prepare yourself for that? Stupid athletes should stick to swinging a bat, cashing their checks, and keeping any opinion to themselves. Ok, not stupid. But annoying. I can't blame them though. I guess they are too busy thinking about the next pop star they are going to nail.

I think I come off of the Full Tilt exemption this week. Not sure yet cause I haven't checked, but will sometime today. Having a lot of fun on bodog still. Just wish there were more players. Very difficult to get more than two tables at any level of PLO at any given time. Usually thats a 9 person and 6 person table as well. Get on and try it. Lots of fun. No doubt.


Astin said...

I think I missed this Michael Keane guy as Batman... Michael Keaton was pretty good though. No Adam West however.

And Alec Baldwin was the first Jack Ryan in The Hunt for Red October... just sayin'

You're right about Epps. Didn't even come close to Snipes.

Riggstad said...

Wow did I fuck that up... Adam west was the TV guy though, and I was talking about the modern day movies.. Not sure if West ever made a motion feature.

But you get the point. believe it or not I neve saw hunt for red october. so I wouldnt even have guessed that it was the first in clancy movies. Although I was pretty sure that Patriot games came out before Red.

and yes, Michale Keaton.

Are we still having a cook off at the bash?

kurokitty said...

The Hunt for Red October came out in 1990, followed by Patriot Games in 1992.

Alec Baldwin held out for too much money and they ditched him in the sequel...

Astin said...

As far as I know, the cook-off is still on. Guess it's getting about time to figure out details.

Oh - and there was a Batman movie with West way back when. Cheesy as hell. Had to do with dehydrating the UN or something.

But of the modern Batmen, Keaton still the best. Bale's pretty good though.

BamBam said...

Batman the movie - 1966
Adam West was the first Batman in a movie, cheesy or not, he was still the first and applying the logic of this post, Adam West was the best Batman in a movie.

Oh wait! There was no logic to this post! OK, Keaton it is then!

Kahn-ban-wah Ladies and Gentleman and welcome to the cook off. Let's talk Turkey shall we?


Riggstad said...

yeah I totally raped this one!