Monday, July 14, 2008

He's intelligence! He lies for a living!

With all the fun being had in Okie Vegas, I want to point out that Al's bash is approaching quickly. Go check out Al's post with all of the details, and make yourself available.

It will certainly be a heart stopping, brain pounding event. And what A location!

Bodog is a sick sick place to play. Esp. Omaha. I believe the whining reaches a new level on that site. Not too many can grasp the concept of mathematics and just go on full blown tilt when they lose, and super asshole mode when they win. (one pot even). I am up an unbelievable amount of money for playing $50, $100, and $200 max PLO and am just having plain fun. Which is really the important part for me, because I will never make a withdrawal from any site, unless I mysteriously play a super MTT and hit for like $50k. Which will never happen because I just dont play them. Its impossible to play those majors with 4 kids. The time resriction is ridiculous.

One particular hand I decided to shove, on the turn, when I figured the opponent for the wheel. But the outs were to great. He only called my flop pot.

He repopped me on the turn, but now I have the boat draw, top set and a chop for the wheel.

I was up for the weekend about $900 so I justified the gambling aspect but didnt have time to do the math, nor did I think about it being a profitable shove or not at the time. Just felt like gambling.

Bodog doesnt give you a time request, so the decision had to be made right quick.

I had AdTd, Tc, 5c. The flop was Ax 2d 4d. The turn brought the Ten,
and the river brought the 4th T. The turn brought a spade.

I figured when he repopped the turn that he must have the wheel and was just protecting against the flush draw when he only called my flop pot. But when the turn brought me the set, I decided it was time to gamble. Nut Flush, Boat draws, and a wheel chop (discounting that if he has a 6)

Plus this guy is a notorious friggin cry baby. Crys when he loses, criticizes when he wins. EVERY time. Fucking Baby's. I took the chance to blow him up and crushed the river. a beautiful T (one outers are gold!).

I think this goes to the point that if you cry and whine like a little bitch, someone is bound to make a loose shove/call on you. Ck knows, as we have spoken about this before, that I will make laydowns sometimes, (to my detriment) if I like the guy. But conversely, I will also shove less than an edge just to try to hit an asshole with a sledgehammer!

I also had him covered by about $110 but the pot was worth a nice $380. He went on the rest of the night just complaining whining and crying. More equity!

Most of the time however, playing it straight, you can really win a pile of money on that site. The players are few and far between, probably only about 30 regular players, and some stragglers here and there. SO you really get a feel for those you play against, and pick up reads more quickly.

Seriously, if you have the ability, get on. Its a ton of fun!


Instant Tragedy said...

Bodonkey Omaha is ++EV

Note for you, poker posts are now under and my life posts are under



ScottMcM said...

and ppl dared to call me a liar when I posted a $17K win there in 15 days and followed with a 3 day run of $11K right after the BODONKEY Final all on the PLO games and low $300 NL. Site is so fucking soft it makes me want to com out of retiremnt just reading this.
keep runnin'em over!

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