Thursday, July 17, 2008

One Porkchop! ONE!

So things have slowed down a bit on Bodog the last two days. I've only manage to win about $300 over that time frame because of the $600 hand ($1400 pot) I lost when I flopped top set, turned the nut flush, and lost to the river against KUINGS (thats quad kings to those not familiar with the "lingo" of poker playing people from the St. Louis area.... as far as you know)

I checked the FT account yesterday thinking that I am close to the end of the self-exemption period. I was one day short. Today is my return.

I guess I'll choose the RPT event tonight to make my return. I believe its a heads up match. I run the worst in these things on Full Tilt so we can have a grand old time getting my Aces sucked out on by A4.

I watched a movie last night called I am Legend with Wil Smith. I dig Wil Smith. I think he is a fantastic actor and entertainer. I love most of his roles, (not movies), and I especially dig the end of world type stuff. But this movie blew. Hard. I fast forwarded through some of the "intense moment" scenes because they were so drawn out. You know the type that you know something is going to pop out at you, or the quiet before the storm thing. Except every single one in this movie was like 10 inutes long. Just brutal. And no real substance. AND the hero dies. What a a rip. (no spoiler since the movie has been out for like 2 years now.)

I've been trying to catch up on the whole UB scandal and basically have concluded, based on the little amount that I have read, that the owner is the guy who really had a hand in all of this stuff?

If that just about sums it up, let me know... If there is more to it, point me in the right direction


pokerDegen said...

why did you exclude yourself from playing at FTP? were you really running that badly?

RaisingCayne said...

Yeah, your Cliff's notes sum up the UB BS. Owner was involved in the cheating. (And I thought my "rigged" statements in the chat boxes were made in jest.)

Regardding Will Smith, who does portray some wicked cool characters, I've been informed that Hancock (as a movie) is a real letdown too unfortunately... despite the uniqueness of the character and the acting talent.

Have a good weekend Riggs!