Monday, July 21, 2008

omigod omigod omigod omigod omigod!

I wrote a post last week about having been treated rather nicely by mother nature herself this summer, and last. Well, the spiteful bitch must read this blog, because beginning on Friday, the weather became friggin stupid.

Ever dive into a big bowl of steaming pea soup? Trying living in one.

This weekend was brutal for weather, and as central air systems, and air conditioners struggle to keep working, us humans head for cover.

Friday was spent running down errands, perusing some business plans, and your normal, run of the mill horseshit.

Friday night brought about a play date for the wifey and some friends, so I stayed home and played the Donkament. I love this thing, and forgot how muchb fun it was. I was on a mission, but failed, and only rebought 50+ times. I was really shooting for 80, but luck got the better of me.

I bubbled in grand fashion and left feeling... well, satisfied. Complete donkification achieved.

Saturday brought the live game at a friends house. I had to run up to a local bar to meet a friend to discuss some business before heading over to the game. The road up there is through some pretty open space, and as I was jamming out to some offspring I notice a little tiny bambi crossing the street. For about .00045 secs. Poor little guy may have had a productive life if it wasn't for the truck helicoptering him about 4 ft off the road way.

I felt really bad for about 3 more seconds, then continued beating the steering wheel to "the kids aren't alright."

I look at it this way. The deer population is so over grown that the township hires gunman twice a year to cull the heard. The best part of this it to watch the protesters out on the road the days before and of those hunts. Ironically enough, they usually stand right in the parking lot of a WaWa directly under the sign that shows the cost of a galon of gas at a cool $4.12 per gallon. But they won't protest that.

when I got to the poker game, there were only three players. They were having a $5 PLO tourny, and were 2 rounds in. I asked if I could buy in for double and have a blinded stack. They objected, so I steady dealt. I did manage to make the deal however, that whoever won, I would play them heads up in a PLO tourny for $10 (the profits of their win). I won that tourney in 6 hands I think. We have started to add PLO into the mix, but it gets some opposition because some of these guys just dont get the game yet.

Don't get me wrong, they are smart guys who just dont have any experience in Omaha. In one hand a guy potted pre, potted the flop, and potted the turn. The other called the whole way. The Flop was two hearts, the turn brought a paired board, and I looked at the callers cards. As I squeezed them out, I was looking for at least two hearts. All I saw was a gutterball. he needed a 7 to even hope to be able to have a shot at this hand. I was laughing to myself as the the river action was being negotiated by the initial raiser. They got it in and the callers straight held up.

It was a fun night though, as always, whether you win or lose, as something crazy is bound to happen that just makes two guys want to kill each other, and makes the others just laugh hysterically. Always a blast to make fun of others angst. Pure Joy!!

I've missed a lot of blogger tournies in my exempt status on FT over the last month or so, and will see what I can do to remedy that this week. Hope to see all of you there.

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Instant Tragedy said...

"helicoptering him about 4 ft off the road way"

'And lets go to Bambi Knockers in the Sky 4 Jetcopter for your Philly traffic report brought to you by BP.'


that's felt good.

I've really missed doing that!