Monday, July 21, 2008

Corron10 Runs BAD! Reallly BAD!

You read his blog and every now and then you get an "I hate poker post".

And thats it. Just I hate poker. Well, here's why...

Such a joy to watch! And I wasn't even in the hand!! Poor guy runs as bad as the Mets do!

And as a public sevice announcement:

The Borgata is running another $500k Guarantee on August 9th. Its a 30k starting stack, and this time, they will have 2 day ones. Saturday and Sunday with the max each day of 500 entrants. It will be a great tournament, again, and I'll be interested to see the turnout. Could be a crazy two days to see guys and gals line up to grab one of those 1,000 available seats.

Odds on 11 handed tables on Sunday? Get there and play if you are around, and drop me a line if you do. I might be doing the same!


Drizztdj said...

Go on a seven month strech of hands like that, then tell me about running bad. :)

snakster said...

I see nothing bad about that hand.

Instant Tragedy said...

The mets are tied with the phils last time I checked.