Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Warning* Business Concepts

One thing I have learned over the years as an entrepreneur is that you can only sell to as many people that actually know you, or those that actually find your products and services on their own.

You may have the single best chocolate chip cookie in the world, but if only 10 people know about it, you probably are only going to sell cookies ot those ten people. Of course, some products will draw in their own customer base, but what is needed in ALL business is a perfect marketing plan.

Waiting for someone to find out about your products or services usually means a very quick death in business. So what do you do? How do you know which is the right way to promote your products? How do you decide how much to spend on doing this?

Marketing has been a very touchy subject for some businesses. Grass Roots usually means that you didnt have enough money to help launch a campaign, and you hoped for the best. Sometimes that works tremendously. Sometimes it works ok. Most times its leaves you hoping for something else that can get your message out there to potential customers, all the while looking for further funding to stay afloat.

Then the internet came along. Jesus, was that a mess. Everyone saw potential but not everyone really knew how to utilize it properly, or any way which results could be guaranteed or even quantified.

So what to do? How, as a business owner, was I suppopsed to take something I hated (mainly because of ignorance), put it into the hands of strangers who purported to know how to sell your product better than you, AND pay them to do so.

Thats when I found these guys. Their team of professionals really helped get the ball rolling with just a better way of doing things for my project. And not just marketing ideas, but ideas that supplemented the actual marketing campaigns. Who knew there was so much to learn and do to really make an attempt into new markets.

After working with them for a few years, and having very good results, they started taking the advice of customers and decided to write a book. The book, Reality Marketing Revolution, is a must read for anyone who is starting a business.

From a simple work at home gig, to a million dollar start-up, to a community fundraising campaing. This book will show you what to do, what to avoid, and how to get make the most out of any marketing campaign.

Buy the book, read the book, and put it to use. You will be inspired, enlightened, and empowered to achieve your goals utilizing a new, dynamic methodology in marketing.

Feel free to email me with any questions. I really dig these guys!


The Poker Enthusiast said...

I've been looking for some ideas on fundraising for my daughter's softball team. I think I may check this book out. Where can find it?

SirFWALGMan said...

You should really write "This is a paid Advertisement" in the heading. ;).

Tom McMenamin said...

James, what did you do with your links for the PA bloggers and your favorite bloggers that you used to have in the right margin ?? Yours has always been my "homebase" and i've always ventured out from there. Any chance of returning that delightful feature to your arsenal of links ?

Riggstad said...

Waffles.. This wasn't a paid advertismment. I really do dig this book and these guys.

Tom... The same links are on the side bar, just in a different format. They will be in order of most recent update, so it should be easier to fly through your favorite links!