Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hey John! Johhny Ball Game! Aww Right!

Took the kids down to the outdoor basketball courts the other night (Monday night to be exact).

We had my neighbor and his tribe, one of my best friends and his tribe, and my whole clan. We played a little rough house with the guys, my daughter, his daughter, and the neighbors daughter. (all three girls have played on my team).

Half way through just messing around I felt a pull or a tear to be more specific in my right groinage area. I have not been the same since. At first I thought I just pulled a muscle, or maybe "popped" a nut. But as time has gone on, I think it may be more like a jammed up hip. Like the ball joint right there has been damaged and I don't know what the hell to do about it.

My knee joints feel like they are grinding together and my right ankle, being a trainwreck to begin with feels as though its in about 14 different pieces. At least twice over the last 5 years this ankle has landed me on crutches for at least 3 days each.

I've been to the doctors, and while doing simple clinical checks, they don't seem to think its anything serious other than a bad sprain. So I don't bother going back. I just live with it.

We play basketball on Sunday nights, but that has come to a halt during the summer months with everyone being away at different times, or the fact that its just way too hot. (panzies!)

At this point I figure just to rest a little and ride it out until I have no choice. Then I will go see the good doctor. The proble with the doctor is the fact that he is a she. I'm half way to 40 and I am dreading the 'ole prostate check up that seems to be mandatory when you reach that age. I promised myself I would get a male doctor by then but I have no clue on who to go to.

Funny thing isn't it. Would you rather a female or a male doing that procedure on you? Prostate checks? I almost wasn't allowed in the Marine Corps because I wouldn't let them "perform" that little nasty procedure. I got away with it that time, but this time around, I don't think there is anywhere to go.

Does the fact that I would rather a male doctor perform a prostate check up on me rather than a female doctor make me gay, or just ghey?

Congrats to Evy last night on winning the Skillz series. I don't think she missed one flop all night.


lightning36 said...

Yep - you're gay.

Actually, I have had the old prostate check performed by doctors of both genders. Makes no difference. Just doesn't feel right, and then there is the slimy residue ...

Tom McMenamin said...

I'm in the same conundrum James ! Protocol would dictate that you'd want a woman to do that procedure and yet, i too, would prefer a man. Maybe if i was sporting more than the little smokey link i was blessed with (i'm irish..what can i say ?), i'd be more comfortable bending over simply due to the fact that i'd have a little beef hanging down while in that position. To make matters worse, i've noticed this summer, regardless ("irregardless if you're that high faluting Griff) of the fact that i was circumcised, my little guy keeps tucking itself back into itself as if i wasn't circumcised.....I surely hope it's physically impossible for a man's junk to shrink as he gets older, but i do believe it's happening to me. Geesh, didn't mean to digress to that point, but fuck it...i'm not deleting it. Education is the key !!

RaisingCayne said...

It doesn't make you gay, just ghey. Very very ghey.

But even gheyer... Tom M just said "...but fuck it..." Ha! ;-)

The Poker Enthusiast said...

Well,you know how I feel about it.

Wwonka said...

First off I prefer not to have anyone stick anything up there. but if I have to choose I will take a Male doctor.

2nd I don't know where you went for your Military Physical but at mine the Doctor Only LOOKED AT MY ANUS he didnt touch it. Although he did say I looked good, which I promptly said thank you.