Thursday, June 5, 2008

a note to some friends

Don has written about it, Ck and Ftrain have conquered it, as well as many others. That is the blind adherence to societies rules that say you must conform to being a contributing member of society. Settle down, get a job, pay your bills, raise a family. The roadmap is given to all of us starting in kindergarten. What do you want to be when you grow up? Further your education. Get experience in that field. Earn money to pay off your education loans, get married, buy a house, have kids.

Now, none of these things are bad. In fact, they are all good. But its about what YOU want to do with your time on this earth. and let me tell you, any thoughts of an after life is a gamble. Pure faith, and hope. Living well won't cut it. You must follow your heart. But you must also find it first. This isn't purely about obtaining things or being something. Its about how you want to live.

There are many things to accomplish as well along the path. Be a responsible person. Live virtuously. Be fair and kind. Don't lie, don't cheat, don't mislead. You will lose more friendships that way than you would have ever gained, not to mention what you will lose within yourself.

Instead, think about what has made the best men and women in history who they are. One is no aversion to risk of any kind. They know what they want, and they do everything to get it.

Of course, some have their advantages. Access to money, education, friends. Others had nothing. Not having an advantage is NO excuse. Don't wait for an event down the line that might help you. It probably won't happen and will just waste more of your time. The point is, you go out and take what you want. No one is going to give it to you.

There is no time frame. It is never too late. You might be 50 before you realize what you really want to do. Circumstance is not an excuse. Everyone has problems. Everyone has had hardship. Worse than yours, even if you don't think so.

Don't be selfish. Live for everyone else. But take care of yourself. Play hard, but work even harder. Be focused. And never let them tell you its impossible. In fact, hope they do. For it will only drive you harder.

Forgive everyone, but don't be foolish. Forgiveness does not necessarily mean inclusion. And your words should indicate as much without being hurtful.

Don't hate. Be funny and have fun. But treat everything worth while as serious as death. For nothing is more final than that.


lucko said...

I feel like this is taunting me.


Riggstad said...


BamBam said...

I loved the "fun" part!
It really hit home with me for some reason!

Keep up the "Fun" stuff.

Great advice.... for a great big "Phone Book!"


pokerpeaker said...

Thanks Robin Williams!

Tom McMenamin said...

Well said sir. A truer and more eloquent couple of paragraphs have never been uttered.
Still thinking about taking you up on the weigh loss bet. Tell me you haven't started yet and we're on !

Anonymous said...

Great post Riggs.

lightning36 said...

The Reverend Riggs?

From the picnic table to the Main Event final table ...

Pud's Poker said...

Good post mate I've had a lot to think about lately and this got me thinking even more and could have made a decision I've been putting off easier to do!


Brad Oyler said...

Dude, did u have a near death experience or something?

Instant Tragedy said...

Can I get a Halelujah from the congregation!

Amen Brother Riggs.

LuckTruck said...

No one gets out of the way of the Karma Train... it's inevitable. I'd rather be a passenger than tied to the tracks.

Fuel55 said...

Riggs for President.