Saturday, June 7, 2008

Am I to be bathed, or drowned?

I write this post sluggishly as I have recently taken a chunk out of my finger with a utility knife. My grandfather literally arose from his grave and thwapp'd me on the head calling me an idiot as the blade slid through the top part of my right index finger a'la the 'ole irish spring commercials.

Surf has challenged me, or better yet has asked me to help him, and him help me with a little weight loss action. I have happily accepted, and by the time the bash comes, someone will be a $100 lighter, but I gather both of us will also be a little heavier from consuming that dollar amount worth of scotch or beer, or soco, or whatever libation we decide to partake in as we both celebrate.

Tom Mc, an RPT'er and avid reader of many blogs also wants action so I will give him the same rate and try to hedge my bet with Surf. Surely I can beat at least one of them?

But I would state that ultimately there will be no loser. Certainly we will all be a little lighter, and a lot more healthier.

My workouts and diet have started off very slowly. But succesfully as I see it. I am doing the pushups, and playing basketball, and I have even started biking again. For those that care, and know about this type of thing, my bike is sort of ancient. That is about 5 years old. Its a fuji race bike with the egg beater pedals, lark bike shoes, and about 24 speeds to pure torture. My legs have never burned worse in my life. And thats never getting out of second gear.

I have weighed in at a cool 256 lbs. Thats 4 lbs lighter than last week as cutting out the sugar has seemed to works its magic. But the pizza is still there calling me every friday night, and the sandwhiches are still almost in staple status. So that will have to go if I want to save $100.

The coffe is gone, I'm happy to announce, without much pain at all, and the green tea is fantastic. I really didnt think I would like it, but its got ahold of me now and I'm afraid I have a new addiction.

Speaking of addiction, I have been chewing tobacco since the ripe old age of 12. Now, it was on and off and mostly as a tough guy thing back then but by the time I was 15 it was almost a can a day. I quit for two years at the age of 21 but since 23 its been at least a can a day. This is something that I cant let go of. Its has been very difficult every time i have tried. Running out to the store at midnight because I need just one last hit before I'm done for the night.

I have made an effort to cut back on this without much success. I tell myself that I can quit anytime, but it seems I am only lying to myself. I have done another schedule to rid myself of this addiction and I can only hope that I have the fortitude to conquer it. The plan is no more than 4 chews a day (about 1/2 a can) for a week. Then 3 a day for the 2cnd week, then 2 a day for the 3rd week, then 1 a day for the 4th week.

Hopefully by August I can claim victory. We'll see. GL to all today in the TOC. I'll be railing and rooting everyone on. Especially Waffles!


Evy said...

if anyone can do this, jimmy, you can! lord knows anything you have put your mind to you have pretty much accomplished....


pokerDegen said...

FWIW, of the numerous times I tried to kick the nicotine habit, the only one that worked was cold turkey: perhaps it's just a personality thing, but scaling back, or rationing, didn't work (also why for me nicorette didn't work as this is the idea with that stuff too). I woke up one morning, and just said "nah, I think I'm done." Been 14 months now.

Good luck with all of it, though! I'd bet anything the weight is going to be easier than the chew....

wild bill said...

Enjoyed playing with you today. Unhappy you reraised when I dropped the hammer the second time. Should have shoved maybe.

Instant Tragedy said...

You can do it!

If I can lose the weight I have lost, you can lose it and we can donate it to supermodels who need to eat anyways.