Monday, June 9, 2008

Live Bloggin from the Borgata - Day one of the Summer Open

At the Borgata today to bring you the latest from the Summer Open. We will have taped interviews from players, staff, and spectators, as well as updates of the first event, the $400 NLHE. The staff seems to think that the field will be around 500. It kicks off at 11am est and I will have all the lates updates throughout the day.

The Borg has some sick sats for the Main event which starts on the 22cnd of this month. You can super sat for as little as $110. 1 of every 10 will advance to the $1040 event, which 1 of every 5 will earn a seat into the $5000 ME.

The $110 ACT I sat is on June 16th @ 3pm.
The $220 ACT I sats are on June 15th and 19th at 3pm, and June 20th, @ 1 and 4pm.

The $220's are 1 in 5 getting entry into ACT II

Check out the site for all of the events here...


1:00 - Final table time.. 5k ante, 15,000/ 30,000 blinds Trying to talk chop again but who knows. The borg staff is right on it and they are playing...

12:40 - Down to 12 now and stacks aren't that far apart. the average is about 350k with the leader at 700k

11:00 - down to 18 and the natives are getting restless. Some are screaming for an 18 way chop (which is retarded btw). I see so much of this anymore, play the goddamn game people. You wanna talk chop make it equitable. There is still a ton of poker to play. I could see if it was a turbo and a crap shoot but the chip stacks have a ton of poker to play yet. Fortunately the Borg is ot having any of it, and are making them play, with the clocks running.

10:30 - down to under 23 and we are starting to see some movements in the bigger stacks away from the middle stacks. The shorties are starting to shove and finally getting called I can see more frequent updates coming as the tables condense

9:09 - Down to 42 out of 535 starting players and the field is tightening up a bit. I haven't seen any big stacks really ready to gamble it up with the shorter stacks when they are forced to push. I saw a big stack fold out of the BB to a shorty shove when it would cost him little more than a minraise... Not sure how that happens, but not really sure how the table didn't react at all. Should be a very intersting final table

8:26 - WE are now at 6 tables and in the money. The bubble broke when, while getting ready to go hand for hand, someone from the 8 table when their QQ was called by a huge stack with J7. Two pair beats the QQ's and we are in the money

8:01 - down to 56 and on the bubble. I'll have more specific updates as we get toward the final tiables

7:17 - Back from dinner break in 5 minutes. Down to 8 tables and the average stack is around 52k

4:38 - Truck is not so lucky as he runs his AJ into AQ, JJ into KK and AK into JJ, getting away from all of them. Then, the final hand he flops trips holding J8 in the limped bb. Flop comes K88. it gets all in and the opponent holds KK. Things are moving faster and there is approximately 200 players left. Dinner break in about an hour an 30 minutes

3:17 - Shags is also in this tournament and a little less than average. Lucktruck is two seats to his left and is the only one at the table who actually knows who he is and what his capabilities are. Shags is a very accomplished player, always at the highstakes tables here in the Borg, and has taken some impressive tournament scores in his time. A guy at one of the tables across from me just stacked 4 players in two hands when he got in so far behind, once with a gutter, and once with a back door flush draw, completing both with two others in each hand. He is clearly the chip leader at this point

3:06 - Little Nicky is palying and has some chips. No idea why he isn't in Vegas yet, but we have an interview scheduled to find out. I know he is going out soon enough. In other news, two loud BOOOOOOOOOOOM's were just heard in two different parts of the room. Conversely, two rather large fellas went storming out of the poker room altogether talking about bad beats. Getting close to dinner break as the field thins

1:50 - The count is official at 535 with a total prize pool of $214k with $60 of that going to first.

1:26 - Its been a pretty slow start here with a lot more people in then I thought should be considering the starting stacks. although as I walk around I see alot of shorties so I think we will see a little bit of culling within the next hour. It never ceases to amaze me some of the things that go on in these MTT's. Each player was warned about cell phones, although this time its really lax. They are allowed to have them on, but they must be a table length away when on them AND not in a hand. One guy is in a hand with pretty heavy action pre flop on table 16. As one tanks he gets a call and stands up. The dealer notices him stand up and mucks his cards and the guy who tanked announces all in. The guy throws his cell down and says, "WAIT!!, I have AA!!". There was an ace on the flop. Dealer says doesnt matter, you took the call, you muck. Next time you receive a penalty. Floor was called but not much he could do or argue with

11:10 am - Cards in the air and there are 485 registered and counting. I haven't seen anyone of any poker stature yet, and the talk seems to be of everyone being in Vegas. But the big buzz seems to be along the lines of everyone coming back for the Main Event on June 22cnd.

11:20 -up over 500 and still people in line registering. The starting stacks are 8k with 40 minute levels starting at 25/50 blinds. About every other person I speak to is heading out to vegas after this event for some WSOP Action. It seems this isn't the run of the mill touristy crowd. A lot of these guys are regular tourney players trying to make their way into poker fame. Lucktruck is playing and won his first hand without going to showdown adding T900 chips to his starting stack.

1:00pm - unofficially the final count is 535. The fire alarms went off about 15 minutes ago, and the all of the cocktail waitress made a bee-line for the doors. The rest of thet degenerates sat there and continued to play without much of a concern at all. I heard one lady clucking about "my life is more important than a poker tournament", but she quickly stacked off and was sent to the rail anyway. I will have payouts coming up as soon as they confirm total players.

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