Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm a fan of Man!

Played in the bodog final event last night to try to earn my way into the top 18 (I was 19th going in)...

Things started out rather light, but I made some timely raises to stay level. When I did have a hand, I never got any action. I think I made about 7 preflop raises without even getting as much as a look.

Then I look at QQ and repop a UTG raise to about 680. He calls and I flop a boat. Q99 I believe.
I check he checks, turn comes a T. I bet 1/2 pot, and he jams... I got up to about 6800 on that one.

I chipped down to about 5k when I picked up about 5 small to mid pairs, and had to fold to pressure on broadway flops. Then I pick up JJ in the small. All folds to me, and I pot to about 1050, into Don on the bb.

He insta jams, and a call would leave me with about 600 left. I thought about this but I thought he would see my raise as standard and a resteal with any two really would be almost expected.

But I know Don, and he normally wont resteal without at least some sort of +EV starting hand so it wasn't an autocall. But not many circumstances where I am going to fold either.
I think we were about 9 off of the points, and remeber, I only have to make the points, to probably get into the TOC.

But I call. and of course he has KK, and I lose all the way down to 600. I tripled up after that to about 1800, but gary carson decided to call my jam from the big, with Q7 to his limped K9o.

I dont know that I ahve any regrets, other than not being able to play all of the tournies bodog offered. I think I missed 3. Smokkee had a bounty on his head, and actually won the damn thing.

Some idiot I have read tries to make light of the fact that Don was colluding with IT about some fold he made to him towards the bubble. Falsely accusing a man of being a cheat will get you killed dope. Thats the first lesson in poker? Don't you know that?

So, with all the same circumstances: player, stacks, conditions of moving on to the TOC, blinds, etc.. do you make the call with JJ there or do you go away?

I'm not sure that making the points alone would have helped. I think a final table would have had to be certain, and at the time I think we had average stacks... Thoughts?


Corron said...

I thought you were all about the win!

pokerpeaker said...

The guy's an idiot and was a douchebag through the tournament. Let's just say I"m not surprised by his allegations.

Let us never speak of him again.

pokerDegen said...

re: JJ hand: It's all about the motive:

going for a win = instacall: you're ahead of SO many stealing-type hands that you just can't lay this down (only approx. a 1.5% chance he's got QQ,KK or AA).

going for the final table = a likely call; you won't find too many more chances to get your money in there with a strong holding.

eeking into the points = instaFold. Let some other idiot push A5 and get rundown by the K9o instaCall. It's all about survival here.

$mokkee said...

very tuff spot.

i picked up JJ at the final table and folded it pf to two all-ins. i was ahead pf but turns out i woulda got outdrawn.

your spot was much diff. i don't think i could fold there.

BamBam said...

No way I lay the JJ's down when they could be OK in that situation. In either case, going for the win or trying to hang around, you need to win a race. JJ gives you a legit shot.

But what the hell do I know! I'm only the greatest player in the world.


Oh and I put my full support behind the rock climber! Drop the collusion douche like ... well...
a rock!

Drizztdj said...

Don may suck at poker but definitely no cheat.

Seriously, why would someone cook up an allegation like that?