Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My friend and me got a hankerin' for Switzerland chocolate and a good smoke.

First, the flyers... I don't want to talk about it. I mean, really, I viewed this game as a must win, and they totally guff it up. Give me a friggin break. Good luck in Washington Boys. Fuckers!

Hoy put a post up about his thoughts on how the BBT takes away from the "fun" of the private tournaments. He makes a good point, whereas the private tournaments were set up for everyone to have fun and hang out, etc. But I think the BBT has its advantages and betters the community on several levels.

One, obviously the prize pool and the money are sick. As a communiy, how do you figure anything like this is possible without the support of everyone. Of course, people will get their panties all bound up when something stupid happens, because so much is on the line, but thats all part of the fun IMO.

People will, and have expressed their opinions in their blogs, and that may cause a little stife. But for the most part, I dont think that its a long term view of how that person actually feels. Let's look at it this way. When you sit down to post, you write with the feeling and spirit of how you are in the present. After a day or so,, you go back and read your blog, and think, WTF was I thinking? How often have you written a post, reread before you publish, and either make dramatic changes, or delete and re-write the whole thing anyway, based on how you are feeling now. That suckout doesn't seem so bad anymore after a day does it?

There has even been some back pedaling of the blogs that wrote what they did, after some comments, and some inflection I would guess. Not a whole bunch, (ego), but enough to make it seem at least cordial. Not that it was out of line in the first place.

Even as I write this, I am flying through it, and I am sure that I will reread tonight and think, FAWK! There is so much more I could have said to make this more clear. But whatever, I have 14 appointments to make, and I'm rolling.

Overall, I think the BBT brings more value to the community than just what is offered up in prizes. Think of all the new folks coming in as readers. Think of all the new ones who have started blogs. Good ones at that. Think of all the content these events supply. I think all of the spouting off and everything else is just a residual of all that is at stake, and nothing more.

Kaja even put up his own post about how scandal is greater than the nice stuff. And for the most part, that really is what holds up. I can't imagine how many people are looking forward to hearing about Donkettes second place win, or worms first place win, vs. Shipfaced12's little chat battle with Hoy after he destroyed him with the hammer when ship held AK.

Christ there were requests in the chat box about it as it was going on. Pure gold! PirateLawyer went ballistic when the eventual winner called a three bet with TJo against PL's AJ. PL had a big stack as well, and was 4 flushed. Worm stated he hated pot odds, and PL went crazy in girl chat. Rightfully so, for the moment. He also told me to be prepared for an uber post, but in the end, I guess he'll settle in to the fact that oh well it happened, and move on. But I bet if he wrote that post immediately following that beat, Worm would be calling the national guard to defend his home, family, and pets.

In general, I believe that the competitiveness brings about a greater value than when the private events were just that. I played in those events as well, albeit not as long as others, but I have seen nothing different that takes away from the fun that was experienced when it was not part of a series.

Hoys perspective is obviously a lot different than mine being around more than a year longer than me into this blogging thing, and I accept and appreciate that. Just like I accept and appreciate that I am now considered a mo because I actually blog. Blog=ghey, nerd, geek, dope, slit. So here here, to all my bretheren nerds! I love you all!

Stay tuned to "The Blue, part II", and another post where I explain how I see the poker blogger world evolving based on future BBT's.

And while you''re here... go visit Evy, and give her a huge hug!


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

To be clear (obv. I did not do a good job of this in my post) I am *strongly* in favor of the BBT overall, only in moderation. 8 out of 12 months including all the big daily tournaments is a bit much for my tastes and I think the group is better served with less than that. Once a year would be perfect I think. But that's just me, I been saying that from the beginning.

And btw, the prizes have gotten so huge that I think only a fool would argue that the BBT is anything other than stupendously awesome for bloggers. And the increased participation among blog readers as well as the creation of new blogs from new entrants is hard to quantify with something as big as the BBT3.

I will try to clarify my feelings in a post this week. I am (I thought obviously) a huge BBT fan overall. Just not with the frequency that some others would have it.

Drizztdj said...

Please keep up the good work Riggs.

Hope to meet you (again) at the Bash in Sept :)

BamBam said...

1) great phuckin post Bro!
2) Drizz + me + Cars + AL + BASH !
OMF'nG !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prayers for livers, Hmmmm... Prayers for livers.... there's just got to be something on this intertube thingy.....

Corron said...


2nd round

Anonymous said...

Excellent post bro.

Hoy, great responce.

You both get a gold star today.

Shrike said...

Somehow I missed this post.

Very well written, I agree with most everything you wrote.

(Yes, life goes on.)

NB. The unknown guy called a 4-bet with JTo. And yes, he was getting almost 4:1 pot odds.