Monday, April 21, 2008

Birthday weekend

Friday night began the first of three b-day parties for my boy who turned 2. Friday was his actual birthday and it became quickly obvious that he could care less about the festivities on his behalf.

I(we) got him a nice little truck to motor around in, and some assorted sports equipment. The truck and golf clubs kept his attention most of the night, and he wanted very little to do with the "party" festivities. Friday brought the neighbors and friends, with thier children in tow. We ordered pizzas, chicken fingers, the usual fare for toddlers alike, and of course, had three cakes.

One the wife made, one the sisters made, and one I bought, just to be sure I couldn't be held accountable for something I might have forgotten.

We closed up shop around 9pm and I made my way over to the pub to see Al with Miller and Pert. Al disappeared but i'm sure it was more of an attempt to be good, rather than an effect of being gone. We played pool and megatouch, got home safely, and I played a little on line.

Saturday I started yard work early. Parents and kids came over around 1 and we had another gig for the boy. Status quo, and we wrapped up around 4. then I get ready for the Father/ Daughter dance. The daughter gets into a hissy fit about what I am going to wear, and what she doesnt have to wear.

So off to the store we go. I had to go to the grocery store to stock up on supplies for yet another birthday party for the boy on sunday. The family this time. Next to the grocery store is a Kohls, and the daughter wanted to go in there to find suitable duds for the dance.

I stock her up with a dress and a pair of shoes, she gets me outfitted with a pair of slacks, a tommy bahama type shirt, and a coat (all of which I already have mind you). We get home, finish the chore of getting ready, taking pictures, and head off to the dance.

Now, I didn't understand the protocol here, but as soon as we drive into the school parking lot, I see every girl has a bouquet of flowers. So, I drop her off with some friends, and I run down to the nearest store to find something acceptable. I manufacture a nice little deal when I buy a couple $1.99 roses, have the clerk cut off most of the stems, and wrap them up with some ribbon they also conveniently had for sale. (improvise, overcome, adapt!)

I get back to the dance, get in, and theres a little booth to get our picture taken. Pictures are done, and we make our way into the auditorium. Now, this really should be called, Daughters ignore their father dance. Which is fine with me. One of the more experienced dads brought along a little flask of some nice scotch, and we made our way over to the corner of the stage to talk about basketball, deck building, and other assorted manly things. Every slow dance, the girls would find their fathers and grab them up for some quality time. Other than that, the event was uneventful. althgouh I did convince one father of a girl who I have been desperately trying to get on my basketball team to bring his kid to my clinics next week.

Sunday came for yet another party, and all was good. Family and some more friends who couldnt make it any of the two previous days wrapped up the boys take in sporting equipment, and other intellectual builders such as books and mini computer games.

I told my wife at 6:30 that basketball (my weekly game) was at 7:30. This miffed her a little, but she quickly realized her play here, which was nothing, once I gave her the stare.

The boy had a great weekend as did all. I bitched and complained about having so many parties, but in the end it was ok, due to the fact that so many wanted to partake, and couldn't because of time constraints. I guess, what I learned, or already knew actually, was the fact that these parties aren't for the kid. Or for my wife and I either. They are for those that wish to have an opportunity to show you how much they adore, or appreciate your kid.

So, you're welcome friends and family. See you in three weeks when the 9 year old turns 10. Bah.

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Fuel55 said...

How can a guy in his 80's have a 2-year old?