Friday, February 15, 2008

YOU DID?? (Virgil Erp)

Snakster blew it last night at the final 4 of the ft in the riverchasers last night as my horse with the big stack when he ran AQ into AJ...

Bam and Fuel each won $10 from my FU pile... although Bam shipped back and requested a drink... For that , he'll get this when I show up next week

Here is a picture of my now 7 year old wearing a Birthday present from Al.. This is a picture from my blackberry and "red eye fix" makes it a white eye... Which makes her looks posessed, which is pretty spot on.. so, good.

She is my biggest supporter in the house when it comes to playing online. I think she likes the fact that she gets to lay on me when I play. Her older sister though, can outplay her right now, but she is working on that. Has something to do with the fact that she doesn't know which ones are the boys and the girls yet.... But she is learning!!

I got some good pictures of the house being blown up by psycho kids and an apathetic father. I have until Monday night anyway before I have to "clean".

Of course I'll probably call my mother over for dinner tonight and she'll do all the dirty work! Moms are gold!

We have a "play in" game to the palyoffs tomorrow in basketball... We play my daughters team.

I will be sure to double team her! She has already called me and my team a bunch of hacks.

I'll have some pictures of the game over the weekend!

Have a great 3 dayer folks!


Fuel55 said...

At least feed the poor bastard some Macallan 18 ...

Riggstad said...

By the time we get to it we won't be able to tell if its 12 year old scotch, or grape juice!

BamBam said...

"Presto" may be Gold...
and "BOOOOOOM" can sometimes work.

But nothing makes a winner,
Like some "BAM-BAM" hollering jerk !

I figured everyones eyes would be deaf this morning... LOL

Irongirl01 said...

how many days till EHVegas..? Shoot me an email at I think Im also that for yahoo messenger if not that Irongirl99... Kat and Astin both have me on Yahoo.