Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bodog and the skillz series...

Since I am heading to the Borgata tomorrow early for meetings, and well, some playing, I figured I would get this out of he way...

I won the Bodonkey tourny. Now, I'm not really sure what that gets me yet cause I really haven't read the tourny rules, but it was fun. I broke Buddy's ass, which I'm sure you all heard on the radio, when I finally decided to call his jam with QQ. I had laid them down twice earlier to a three bet, and this time, i had enough.

He raise, i repopped and he shoved... Honestly, I don't know how I fold QQ three times in an hour in one of these tournies... It just doesn't make any sense to me. The only saving grace for buddy is that the stucture is really long and we both had top 5 stacks. So I guess i could have folded and still be in good shape to fight, but at that point, for the third time in the same hour... Fuck you , i'm calling.

I called, and he showed KK... before I could type MOTHER F$%KER! the turn spiked a Q and I sweep a pile full of checks.

I got to the final table sort of shortyish when Icrushbloggers jammed in front of me with AJ. I had AQ and double up to 36k. We got to three handed with New and JL...
New slow played a flopped strr8 to me when I turned a flush... it got all in on the turn and I go heads up with Jordan. The significant hand HU was me raising from the small with AT hearts.
Jordan repopped and I flat called, seeing a board of 2 3 5 all clubs. The pot was 50k. I typed "what a board", and he responded in kind. He checked and I bet about 15k. He folded and I take a nice chip lead.
I popped the next 4 hands in a row to him pre getting all folds, and finally potted from the small with QT. he shoved his last 15k in with J9 and I hold up and win.
i like this tournament. It has great structure and i think this week was the biggest field to date. 57 runners I believe. i'm sure this guy can verify it... It is a very tight tournament, but should loosen up once all you other donkeys sign up!
Also played a cash game with this crew during the bodog and skillz game:

Skillz game saw me get up to 4k in chips and then run a smaller boat into a bigger boat for it all. So ghey.

Congrats to Donkette for taking it down. She was down to like 300 in chips I believe at one point. Redonkulous!!!! Nice run and congrats! Now go to her new blog and congratulate her yourself!

Oh and one more to add to the list... EVY has decided that its time for her to jump on the bandwagon and join bloggerdom. Go check out her tits!


$mokkee said...

well done riggs. GL in the series.

Donkette said...

Good Job riggs, keep it going!!!!!

BamBam said...

Oh yeah.... after the tits...
I forgot to come back. So here you go,


Jeez! They were TITS after all !