Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hate Giants more than I hate the Cowboys! *and the Mets!

This is probably the only 3+ minute you tube video I have ever watched because it kept my interest the whole way through... Pretty funny

I know that the Mets have picked up Johan best fucking arm in the world, and that makes me sad for him. I predict that he'll have 20 of the Mets' 91 wins this year, and they will still miss the playoffs... again.

Congrats to BuddySkank for taking down the skillz series last night. My UTG steal with AK was exposed by his call with A6 and I was punished. I don't like to complain, but A6 is gold. Just kidding of course because he had every right to call with the likes of even Q high there because of my 5k stack vs his 14k I think. Just glad he went on to win it.

Oh, and I missed the Bodog blogger tourny last night because I'm stupid. completely flaked. Sorry Smokes!

Tonight will be fun, and at least a shot at redemption for me. I need a win in one of these friggin things. I have been second place in a all of these events. I won one RPT and one Donkament on a friday. I believe I have a second in the Hoy, and two seconds in the Mook. Its about fucking time for me to win a race down the stretch here...

Watch the video, its funny!


Chad C said...

Full Tilt people not willing to give up prizes?

$mokkee said...

AWESOME video!

KajaPoker said...

Check this one out: