Thursday, January 31, 2008

Congrats to Chad, Al, Don, Mook, Surf, etc. etc.

Very fun night last night. I told you the Mookie is a slit. I can't stand the salty wench, and she continues to suck the life out of happless players, stripping them of their hopes and dreams, but last night was special. I went out in the low 40's I believe. I had shit for cards all night. I never saw a pair, and twice saw AK. I looked at my stats when I exited with 99 v JJ to Otis. I played a total of 8 hands out of 124. So I cetainly got my $11 worth.

Mookie made it to the fnal table with Surf and OhCaptain making up the last three. Ohcaptain played some stellar short handed poker IMO coming from way behind to almost the chip leader without seeing a damned flop. I was railing Mookie pretty hard, as were others, hoping, no praying, that he would win. Alas, in the end, it was not to be. Surf lucksacked his way to KK and AA one to many times, and Mook was left in second place. Still a very well played final table.

While listening to Buddydank Radio, which was a little dry last night, but still a very good show, ScottMc is a very funny dude, updates were being given on the progress of chad in the 28k and Don in the 50/50. Both were well chipped, and in the money. Chad ended up taking 6th in the 28k and Don got ran down by KJ v AJ in 19th I believe. Congrats to both on their runs.

Al's 1000th post is up for all to read. Very cool to see someone celebrate a milestone like that when the likes of me is on his 109th post. Plus we drink together, so, thats a bonus. Another event to prove that we only drink out of celebration, and no other reason!

Well done sir! Now go tell the worst poker player ever that 1,000 quality posts are better than 1700 ghey 3 line rants, advert posts, and World of warcraft rundowns... (actually not really, that shit is pretty good to) but F him! Man ass eating slug!

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OhCaptain said...

Thanks for the compliment! I really appreciate it! It means a lot to me.

I'll get them next time