Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ooh yeah Master Chief!

Weekend = bad... 20 month old Boy vomit and craps all weekend with several stops to the ER over night. 7 and 8 year old get same thing and go into the tank all day sunday and monday. 3 year old is fine, right up until I bring her home from a basketball game on Sunday afternoon. She walks into the house, says hi to Mom, and pukes on my couch.

I didnt sleep at all on Sunday night being up with at least one of the two smaller ones all night. 6am rolls around and I get it. I hear alot of folk coming down with this. Even on the interwebs.

I always thought of something like this being a failed terrorist attack. Like they try to poison the water or air with a virus that will kill hundreds of thousands, etc. etc., only they screw it up, and all we get are a bunch of sick people who think they have the flu for a few days.

Not much poker over the weekend at all. Al got me to play in the tuckfard last night at 7 on Tilt. I was Gigli. Then a $2 HORSE tourny with some friendsm then a $2 9 person non-turbo nlhe with Snakster.

Good Lord. Never again.


OhCaptain said...

I talked OhCountess into buying a carpet shampooer for weekends like that.

Nothing says I love you like shampooing the carpet in the kids room at 3am.

I'm now going to knock on wood for the rest of the day. OhFamily is not doing any of this, yet.

BamBam said...

It was great to see you last night and much appreciated, considering all that's going on in your household right now.

Always a pleasure sir !

BTW.... loved the "liar" and flip of the K's last night. Priceless.

SirFWALGMan said...

Hope everyone is well!! Glad to see the family sharing though.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Nothing like a bunch of kids to show you what being really sick is all about.

Hope everyone is all better soon.

Corron said...

been there, done that.

snakster said...

Yes I was home on Monday too as my daughter had similar (and me to a lesser degree).

The 9-man, non-turbo, low stake SNG is the definition of Hell on Earth.