Friday, January 4, 2008

2008 goals

First and foremost, 2008 is going to have to be a whole lot more exciting than 2007. Because '07 sucked pigeon tits, and offered nothing but false hope, preparation, resources, and time spent for things that just weren't to be, and your average mundane task of getting information together for the Government agencies that think you owe them something. And when you prove you don't, they make shit up anyway to say, "oh yes you do". And we are not just talking about taxes here. Unemployment Compensation board, the Workers Comp agency... Get investigated by one, and the others just fall in line... "Whats's that Mr. Riggs? You independently contract a portion of your employees? You're not allowed to do that! You'll have to pay a fine now, and moving forward you'll have to follow quarterly filings, and this and that and blah blah blah blah, bock bock bock bock B"GAWK!!!! Fuckers!

At any rate, now that that is all behind us, lets look at '08. There are a few things that I just can't list due to legal confidentiality reasons, but certainly make the top of the list, and are mainly career oriented, so I will make this list more personal. Which I rarely do, so soak it up. Not often I'll come on here, unless I think it has complete comedic value, and let you in on whats happening inside of Riggs head...

so - 2008

Poker related goals -

Online - I will turn this 1k bankroll into 10k. And I don't mean by winning a seat, or anything like that. I mean straight 10k in online money. Mainly mtt's but I think the ring games will be a big part of it.

Live - Play more... at least 6 tournies at the $350 level or higher (every other month). In addition, at least one WSOP event, and one WPT event, and at least 3 WSOP circuit events.

And I think the weekly trip down to AC needs to be reinstated. And thats not just going down for business, I mean actually play (lucktruck, I'm looking your way)

Personal Goals -

I'm 14 days away from 39, so this is my last year before 40. I don't put to much stock in age, but I have basically one more year to do some things that I had goaled out when I was younger "before 40". So #1 is to complete those stupid little tasks. Books to read, places to see, boring stuff...

Spend more time with the kids - and not just ghey time. I coach the oldest's travel basketball team, so we get 3 practice days a week and 2 games, so its a lot of time. Like wise with th 6 year old who takes Jujitsu and I spend that time with her... But what I am talking about is those designated walks, or tag alongs when I have work, or go fishing or whatever.... What I learned the most from, and remember the most fondly growing up were the times my father included me in the things he loved the most, and spent time with me doing those things. Not just going to ball games, or mowing the lawn, or playing a board game. It was the times he took me to his work, or taught me to play bridge. It was more special because they were his things to do. The things he did to escape the daily grind, and he included me. And on some level, I recognized that even as a kid. Whats more, I can see my kids recognize the same thing in what I do. Mommy says, Daddy needs a break, and they see what I do when I'm taking a break. It seems to mean something more to them than just going to the movies or rough housing around the den.

- Wifey time! I suck as a husband. I demand, expect, and take for granted all of the things that she does for me (us), the kids, and the house. My friends almost gasp at the way they hear me speak to her when on the phone. Something I never really noticed myself, but apparently I speak to my wife like I speak to my employees, or vendors, an so on. We are in good shape as a couple. there is no speak of being unhappy, or not digging the situation, and I know she has my back at all times. And as I write this, I realize that my recognition of her having a great time being a mother, does not mean that she doesn't need to still be recognized as a wife. I love her with everything I am and she knows that. So I will take steps to better myself as her partner.
(I fucking hate having to admit that! soo ghey)

finally, spend more time with Dad. My father is in his 76th year. He has been retired for more than 10 years, and still plays competitive bridge 3 times a week. All over the country. We see each other maybe twice a month, and he lives no further than 10 miles from me. We haven't had what I would call a great realtionship. My fathers MO was basically avoidance, or the type of "ignore it" attitude when it came to issues. Something came up, he'd shrug his shoulders and let the stress melt away. The problem would be dealt with, but he would spend no time thinking about it, or trying to learn from it, (at least outwardly), or even show a hint of concern. "its over, move on" type of attitude. Which I kinda dug growing up, cause everytime I wrecked a car, or got busted for underage drinking, or whatever, he would just look at me, and walk away.

He loves the grand kids and has plenty of time to fool around now. He can't golf much anymore, and there are few other things he likes to do, so other than taking him to the track, or playing cards, there isn't much more we can do together, but I don't want to look back when he is gone and say I didn't even try. I have this time now to be able to spend time with him, so I should take it, and will.

And that is basically that. Wish me luck (like that has anything to do with it)


OhCaptain said...

Good luck on your goals in '08.

Your personal goals seem to also have the biggest +EV. I know that I have similar goals and a similar time crunch...I turn 39 in July. CRAP!

jamyhawk said...

Great post. I turn 40 in August of '08 so I'm just a tad ahead of you.

Good luck at the tables.

Perticelli's Plunder said...

Great goals, and an interesting view inside your head...stay focused