Monday, January 7, 2008

Starting off

Well, 2008 goals aren't looking too good as of yet. My wife and I are disagreeing on so many things its almost as if there is no way we will come together. She's so goddamn stubborn sometimes (stupid Irish), that I think I will have to relent if I wish for sanity in the household. I don't like being wrong, but she tells me I am most of the time anyway. Go figure.

I just learned as well that my parents are going on a two month roadtrip this week. Good for them. 2 months on a cross country trip to see what has been seen already. I can't imagine, but that takes 60 days out of the year for me to spend time with Dad. What a cooler.

I'm seriously thinking about getting the poker x factor product to help with the online play. If anyone has any constructive feedback on that, let me know. Its $150, and $25/ month for the use as a subscriber, so its not exactly free. I'm just wondering if its worth it.

I haven't really done anything fantabulous with poker yet this year. what I have noticed is that every single SNG I have played, save one (AA first hand cracked), I have either bubbled, took second, or won. I'm only playing the $11 sng's so far with a few scattered $50's and 2 mtt's (both cashed, but stupid).

I have a million things going on with the business and am looking forward to getting them squared away and being able to focus on moving forward with some tangible results. Big things heading our way if I can pull this off. more to come on that.

My girls basketball team split this weekend. We won our first game of the season against a poorly coached team, that had some decent talent, but just very unorganized. We won 30-5 and I ran the second team the whole second half. Our second game was a little different. We held a 3 point lead going into the half. One thing that jammed me up was the fact that we had 10 fouls within the first 5 minutes of the game. The other team had none. I asked the ref to make sure those calls go both ways, and he looked at me like I called him a slit. My point is these are 9 year old girls. It is travel so its very competitive, but 9 year olds don't foul like adults. Most are pretty much the same when it comes to the rules. So being tagged with 10 fouls and the other team having none is pretty lame.

I was put on tilt in the third period when a parent gave me a look about not having his daughter in and the opposing team went on a 10 point run (which was almost half their score). With my starters not listening and doing the wrong things, I took three of them out, and the other team had a field day. We brought it within 2 points at the end but it wasn't enough to overcome the deficit and we lost 26-23. They ran the offense fairly well, which made me extremely happy, but defensively, they were lost. Always being out of position, not filling the lanes, and just overall being at half speed was sucking the life out of me. I love my girls, and they are all hard workers. It was just one of those days I guess. I'll make sure it doesn't happen again by running their little bodies into the parquet. That'll learn 'em!

I told the girls to expect to be tired after the first 10 mintues of practice tonight. Little tyrants, ignore me and you'll get the floor! How dare they! And my highschoolers thought I was a drill sergeant! Wait til I get my hands on them tonight!

Hopefully my lips won't be too tired from blowing the whistle tonight and I'll make the MATH.
See you there if I do.


KajaPoker said...

Not only do I not disagree any more, but I actually have started agreeing with the less important stuff. I am basically a pile of goo at this point.

actyper said...

fyi pxf is definately worth the $. Or Cardrunners if cash games are your preferred choice. Training videos pwn books.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Added you to my blogroll finally today, Jim. Good reading here and I'm looking forward to a lot more good stuff in 2008.

I like when you write about your family and kids btw, so I hope you'll reconsider your general policy of not posting anything personal.

Good luck building 1k into 10k. Can't wait to hear how all that goes.

One of these days we should definitely hit up AC together with Al.

evy35 said...

But don't get too personal...i mean really, jimmy, the mental image of your lips getting tired blowing something is really disturbing lmao

snakster said...

I see so many parallels between you and me; except for the poker and basketball and business stuff.

BamBam said...

I see a tag in your future!

Someone that gets my stupid crap!

Riggstadadactyl has been linked so I can follow the progress.

Seriously, my sincerest thanks for stopping by. It means a lot.