Thursday, January 3, 2008

What do you want to talk about now Danny? My favorite Color?

What a holiday season! I swear, every year gets more and more cumbersome, almost to the point where I can't enjoy it. things are so busy with with work, the kids, family, that it all just goes by so fast, and without any real enjoyment. I get all jammed up because so many people want me so many different places, and I just haven't learned to manage that yet.

Friends form NY/NJ, colleagues from even further away, parties that are missed, and people that are slighted, kids that have days off and want to spend time with Dad, Wife that wants her own shopping time to herself, blah blah blah... gotta work on all of that, and being able to make myself not feel so bad about who I missed, what I missed, and what was just impossible to complete. (2008 goals?) (next post?)

I played the Mookie last night after deciding with Snakster that the 28k would take a back seat to the famed junkie!

I chipped up pretty early and came across QQ against Columbo. I raised he called and the flop came under unsuite, unconnected under cards. I raised the pot which was just about 1k, and he wrote, I guess I am losing this one... He jammed and I hit the left mouse button all cool like knowing he was behind. Only the pointer was on the fold button. I went from 9k to about 4500 in one stupid mistake. I told the table what had happened in the girly chat, and he knew I had Q's and we laughed.

I chipped up again and got tot the final table in ok position, then really bad position, then chip leader. I fell asleep with about 22k in front of me, probably around 3rd. I woke up like 15 minutes later, out of the tournament. 3rd in chips, and blinded out in 15 minutes! Gold!

Its been a rough three weeks, and I just dozed off without really even recognizing that I did. when I woke up I was all confused, not really knowing that I did. I was siiting up on the couch with the laptop on the arm of the sofa all propped up and ready to go! So it be.. Congrats to the winner whoever it was!

Al alerted me sometime last week, that we had the offer of the Full Tilt private jet to Aussie land for the Aussie Millions. There is alot going on with the company and other deals I have going on and just couldn't make the 2 weeks away. If I thought this would be a once in a lifetime op, I think I would drop everything and def make it happen come hell or high water, but with everything going on, I believe we will have this opportunity numerous times. That, and the fact that everything with my business life is happening this month to set up the rest of the year, needs to be handled within the next two weeks. Good Times!

My apologies to Jec, and everyone else for not being able to be there to support his wild ride! Good Luck Doc1 We will all be thinking, and rooting for you!


pokerDegen said...

Just like you mistakenly folded, I mistakenly called a $5 river bet (in .10/.25): when I tried to click the "check/fold" box the guy bet at just the right time for the "call" button to show up right where my mouse was trying to click the check box. Lo and behold, my 9-high was no good :)

lj said...

i also made a similar mouse click error last night when i accidentally called an all in w/ 93suited in the 28k!

bummer bout falling asleep, you'll have to take it down another night.

smokkee said...

mOOk and Hoy beat themselves up every week for not taking down the mOOkie and you pass out with 22k chips at the final table. now that's comedy gold.