Friday, December 14, 2007

Weekend tourny schedule

Tonight is the Donkament hosted by Kat

sunday is the big game... hosted by Don

and the skill game... hosted by Chad

and yet still, the TPG.nets $20 knock out tourny... lots of fun

I suggest playing all of them! Big game is the last chance to earn your seat for a chance at an aussie millions package

The Knockout tourny is a lot of fun as well with new players who we normally dont play with.

Skill game just looks like fun :) and seems to be set up for some bragging rights afterwards...

Lucko put up his Horse betting again, so head over there and jump in... Was always fun


snakster said...

The big game is token dependent for me, but I guess I have 2 days. Assuming people are in bed, I should be there for the donkament tonight.

Perticelli's Plunder said...

Is the skill game a regularly occuring event or a one time event?

Thx for the easy links