Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oohh, big things are going to happen, to that little thing of yours!

Congrats to all of the TOC seat winners and good luck in the upcoming tournament for the Aussie Millions seat.

I placed 10th in points when I couldn't seem to find a way to luck sack myself into a win.

As evident in last nights Riverchasers replay (thanks Al) I think lucksacking was definately a good quality to have to win. Thats not a shot in anyway to anyone who won a seat. Tournaments are full of needing to hold up, or suckout. You need to be good enough to get yourself in a position though to be able to do that.

So Congrats again, and Godd luck again to everyone who will be playing... Australia is only one tournament away!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Al for putting all of this together. We donkeys have been treated like royalty, and probably have taken for granted what he has put together.

Al should never have to pay for another drink again. Ever. So ship him some soco, or at least love for being the guy who stepped up and got it done.

There is a lot of work that goes into getting these things up and running, and believe me, not much reward. Thanks Al, for getting this unbelieveable package together for us.

Now hurry up and start on next year! :)


Chad C said...

I would definitely buy him a drink :) This is a ridiculous package to give to a clue bird blogger! No free seats though like the girl scout bloggers are suggesting :(

Riggstad said...

free seat for who? Al? he's dead money anyway :) Just another 3k added to the chip count!!!

perticelli said...

Without question, regardless of anyone's pro's or con's. Al should have a seat in the TOC. Period.End of story,Done and Done.
No explanation to the contrary can overshadow what is already known and demonstrated on a regular and ongoing basis..and that is that Al is the reason for the Aussie Challenge and all the good that has come from it and all the good that goes forward, including whoever it is that will be on the airplane flying down-under, on the house.

Aside from the obvious, there are 27 seats in the finals and only 24 are filled...