Tuesday, December 11, 2007

hammer > Presto

Since I missed Vegas, and was bombarded by life sucking circumstances all weekend, I decided to play in the $10k freeroll that I was entered into on Tilt because of making Ironman status last month.

I had issues playing in it at the start, and would probably be about an hour late so I asked Snakster to play for me until I got back. He was up and down leaving me at around T2200 when I got there...

I made some moves getting up to T3000 and back down to T1500, when steals worked and didn't work.

I called a shorty with a big hand, and lost to get down to about 780 with another 200 in the BB

folds to the 3 seat who limps. I hold the all mighty suited hammer. and I jam.

folds to the limper who holds presto and this is what happens.

I wish I had saved the chat because the guy was livid. The next three hands I get AK, QQ, and AK

He limp calls my shoves all three times (and is out of the tourny after those three hands) .... in 8 hands I have 34k in chips.

these are the hands he called me with....

10 9s, 56s, A4

I ended up going out in 40th, ($50) for my effort, and just haven't stopped laughing since... tilting is sooooo much fun


snakster said...

That was world class entertainment. The dude was a train wreck after the hammer hand.

pokerDegen said...

awesome hammer drop

Perticelli's Plunder said...

Did you say you are "Iron Man"?
I thought that was a guy named Ozzie....?