Monday, December 3, 2007

How do they expect me to stay focused? How do they expect me to perform?

I love it. I love every bit of it. "It" as in this stupid, crazy, every life sucking ounce of this game we play.
I never really remember feeling so frustrated way back when, like early 90's when I was playing this game.

It used to be mostly stud and Omaha, but Holdem was in the mix as well. It wasn't until about 96 that Holdem really started to become super popular, but I don't remember the frustration as prevelant as it is today. So be it... more players = more fish... Griff and I always have fun when we are at the same table with some of the shyt we see go down... Good Times

I won the pokergrinds $20 knock out last night with some pretty horrific suck outs of my own.

I raised pre with AJ d, and was jammed by someone holding KK. I didn't think he was that strong noticing his ability to steal several times so I called. flop came two diamonds and I filled on the turn.

Secondly, I called a shorty all in with A5 diamonds, while he held AK, and I spiked the 5. I had him by 5k in chips so it was almost an auto call.

Only 11 came out to play, so next week I hope to see at least double that. It is a fun tourny.

I think I knocked out 4 as well, so that was another $20 in knockouts (do the math)

Not too many chances left in the BBT so get involved and play the remaining 7 (?)

congrats to those who have won their seat so far...

Check out this guys blog as well. He is new, and promises to be a good read on an almost daily basis...


snakster said...

I was gonna ask how many you knocked out, but you answered the question. Thanks for the plug.

lj said...

congrats!! was too tired to play last night, and will likely miss next week due to vegas, but enjoyed playing in it a few weeks ago.