Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ki, Dr. Hong, my dear brother Numsy has forgiven me!

Some dope posted on my site the other night that Poker was luck... and that skill carries you through. Now, lets not discuss semantics here, but I think he misses the point. And I think most miss the point of what exactly skill is, or where it lies in poker. (we can discuss this further if you wish)

So I replied...

If you want to play semantics and equate "poker" to the meaning of anything less than what results after decisions have been made, then so be it...
But skill in this game comes from being able to obtain information, decipher it, and make tangible decisions based off of your analysis of the information obtained. That is poker, and that is where the skill resides.
The luck part of it comes after all decisions have been made. That is not poker. That is bingo. A subsidiary of said game.

Now, maybe I misinterpreted what he meant, and maybe he even ripped hat quote off from someone else, and probably I was all salty because of the goings on of what has become the Mookie... So I took license :)

Snakster, IM's me about an hour later. He cuts and copy's my post in the IM box. I respond, "to much?, to advanced?"...

He responds ... "never teach a pig how to fly. It wastes your time, and annoys the pig"

hurtful, but point taken.

14 in the mook last night. I always seem to get near the end, and go completely card dead for a good 30-60 minutes, finally having to push atc near the bottom. Last night I looked up at presto and got all warm and fuzzy. I shoved my last 5k only to be called by Alan, (correctly) with A 9 clubs. Runner runner clubs and IGH...

Congrats to him for continuing on and taking the whore known as Mookie down. That'll teach that salty bitch!

RPT tonight... only 8 seats left, so unless you already have one, or are Leo Tolstoy, you pretty much gotta play every single one... GL everybody.

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The Poker Grind said...

i missed the registration by like 30 seconds , sorry i missed the Riverchasers, next week, good luck