Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Al's new place

Saturday i took a journey to Phoenixville to meet Al and friends at the new place. Tyler James Pub. I gave up a juicy cash game for this, because I had promised Al that I woud be there, and well, he asked first.

We were thinking of going to see the showing of Monty Python and the Holy Grail that was being played at the theater across the street, but I arrived a little less than on time, and the boys were sobered out of the thought by the time I got there. Evy had showed up earlier but, left before I got there bacause she's afraid of me :)

Anyway, the bar is nice, and was crowded. I took up at the Northwestern end of the bar in front of the Mega Touch machine and settled in for a long haul of Card Bandits. My lack of attention shows no bounds when I get into these game type things, and pretty much forgot anyone else was even around me.

I started in on the Scotch's, never really having to reorder, thanks to Al making sure the Bartender new I needed another before the first one even hit the bar.

My arm started to get sore from hitting cards on the touch screen, and I noticed Al scamming two chics across from the bar. He saw me, and waved me over. Introduced me as Jim the money guy, and told her he was taking her to vegas in a few weeks. I could tell this was going to be a lasting relationship...

As I sat there and was introduced to this person, she leaned over to me and said I am a cancer patient. I asked, "You have cancer?", and she exploded.. NO, Shut the fuck up! , (I was pummled with STFU's by both her and Al), and she grabbed him by his hair and said, I haven't told my firend, and I don't want her to know. (she was sitting aproximately 3 ft from us).

Said that if she found out, or we told her, that she would pull out every hair on his head. Which I think he kind of dug for a second, and then realized it wasn't in "that" way.

Now she wants to hear music... We spike up the Juke box and the first song coming out is Only the good die young! Classic Al!

Mike and I sat idley back discussing the possibilitie of her actually having such a horrid disease. He made the point that why wouldn't she tell her closest friend, but would tell perfect strangers. He also queryed why she looked perfectly heatlthy, yet she asserted that she only had 3 months to live. And if that was the case, why was she at a bar?

I surmised that it was probably the result of being ignored her whole life, and probably just needed some attention, and free drinks. Not judging her at all, as the ploy worked. God forbid she actually does suffer from this ridiculous ailment, I hope she comes out OK... Either way!

I would like to say however that this episode has proven two distinct difference between Al and Myself... A while back he relayed a story about my proclamation of liking Drunk girls as a reason for buying strange women some shots. Al's montra is now - I Like Dead Girls!

GG sir


Chad C said...

Some guys have all the luck with women............

golden said...

I usually start my conversations with unknown people with a list of my physical ailments.

Evy35 said...

I'm not afraid of you, your dumb ass just arrived to the bar like 10 hours late. Besides, I told Al that I had something very pressing I had to take care of.....at Delilah's Den lmao....and tell Al's friend Mike that he is wrong, there ARE hot chicks there, he must have just been there on the wrong night. There was the one blonde....yummmy....ah but i digress.

Riggstad said...


evy35 said...

For a small fee I'll tell you alllllll about the evening....oh...did I mention the lap dance I got? And the washington apple from the shot girl while her beautiful tits were in my face? Oh shit, there i go again...sorry jimmy....i know, i know, you have to go to the bathroom now