Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mookie and clarification

Mook is what it is... hope for the best.

I was up in chips, prolly top 5 for about the second half hour until about the half hour before I went out...

I lose with QQ to Ig's forced call of 8 2o because more thatn a third of her chips were in the bb... she goes two pair on me..

Then I Raise 88 into her agian pre and she reshoves the rest of her 's with K 10 sooted and catches a King. I go from 12k to 8 k like that.

I pick up 10 10 in ep... raise pot which was 1700 or so... Hoy calls from the small.

Flop comes K x x . I figured from his call he must have had a pair lower than 10 10, or the stone nuts. I shove fta, and he calls and shows AA. GG me. Well played sir.

I was so on tilt from the losses to IG and the craziness that was going on in the dook, and my two cash tables, AND the boy blowing up from his midnight sleep, AND the wife asking ME to make the bottle, that I just had to blast... Just had to! That is why online poker is no good for me. I tend to multitask and I tend to get way into to many tables at a time without ever really concentrating on one specific object. I should start to try...

One clarification to the post below and the Borgata Tournament...

I stated that the guy caught KQ on the turn and River and that he stated he put me on AJ. Which is true. But I didn't tell you what I had. And from rereading the post it may sound like I did actually have AJ, when in Fact I had AK. The turn was the most beautiful card I could have seen. Unfortunately, Queenie shows her tits and I lose half my stack.... Spicy bitch!

Have a great Thanksgiving all! See you tonight if you catch the time!


The Poker Grind said...

tonight ( sunday )im hosting the bounty tourney on full tilt at 10pm EST, password is thepokergrind and buyin is $20+2, i hope to see you there

jamyhawk said...

Freakin' Beeeetches. They screw you every time.