Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Happy

Borgata last night... fun times, but have really solidified the fact that I will almost never ever play another live tournament that has a buy-in of less than $300...

First, we got there at about 8pm... Two friends, and waiting on Griff and Chang who were leaving a little later... the idea was to play in the $75 11:30 tourny that got about 100 players.

I thought that it would be a little heavier being Thanksgiving week (of course I could have been thinking the wrong way here).

Anyway, I sat down at a 1/2 table. for some odd reason, there was only one 2/5 table, and open seating at the 1/2's. They didn't even have their mixed omaha games gong, which is usually 5/10 limit, and a very fun and profitable game...

I sat at the 1/2 table for jsut about 2 hours, played no more than 5 hands, and won just over $100. Very boring table, with lots of action preflop, and not really seing anything after the flop.

I was so card dead seeing KK once, and AK twice... both hitting air on the flop but taking down a nice sized pot because of my $14 raise and 5 callers... go figure. It seemed any preflop raise got the respect of AA.

SO I start the tourny, and within two hands I have the chip lead. Guy to my left plays the first hand with A6 and dusts off about 1500 of his 10k starting stack into a kid with AJ.

The second hand I pick up 78 in the cutoff, and decided to raise to folds. guy to the left calls, and we see a flop of 5 6 K. He lets out 250 on that flop and I reraise to 700. He flat calls. The turn comes the 9, and I raise 1200. He picks up his stack and puts it all in. with K 9

My straight holds, and I double... there are a few other hands after that episode that I would like to write about because they were just soooo good. But that would diminish the point of the story.

The table fills up after the first break, and I get two idiots, one to my left, and one across from me. Bad beat story vs the guy across from me who open raised with KQ, I reraise 4x, Editors correction, (WITH AK) he calls

flop comes J xx, I cbet, he calls, turn comes a K, he shoves, I call , he spikes a Q...

Says, man bad read on my part. I put you on AJ. (LOL) didn't bother asking him why he called the preflop re then, or the flop bet, but whatever....

the point is, him, and the guy to my left talk about hoe they played last week, and FT's together. Chopping 10 ways (yes, 10, as in TEN) the prize pool of a whopping 4k. I asked why in the world would they do that... and they both responded, we all had equal stacks.

DOpes.. all of them... any way, last bad beat story... I have just about 17k left in the small when I pick up KK. Blinds are 500/1000 and ther is a standard raise in front of me. Dope to the left in the BB says, well, I gotta call, I'm getting odds... and calls with , 10 8.

first bettor folds, and he flops 2 to a flush. turns the butter, and IGH.


Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! See you all tonight at the Mook and the RPT tomorrow!


SirFWALGMan said...

Dude you play Riverchasers. Nuff said.

Riggstad said...


Chang came over early in the tournament and said, I just doubled up, its like a Riverchasers Tournament...

I take issue with that whole heartedly!

pokerDegen said...

just because u own the damn tour doesn't mean you have to defend the poor play at the games :)