Tuesday, December 4, 2007


8th last night in the hoy...

I am getting pretty goddamn sick of this horseshit. That is just about when I get down to the later stages of any tournament, I tend to go completely card dead. I mean horseshit cards dead.

I played well, stealing when I should have, and holding up when I got it in. I think I got up to about 9k early to midway through.

I fnally got moved to a table where Cubanlinks was. He was apparently playing pretty loose, when I saw him call off a T1300 bet pre with J9. Flop came JJx. He almost doubled off of the intial bettor who had a large stack himself, and was nearly stealing anyway.

I tried to steal as well in the CU with Q10. He flat called. When the flop came Axx I checked because of the fact that any bet basically committed me, and I'm not blasting off the rest hoping he doesn't have an A. Any A in his hand has to call because I only have 6k left and there was 4k in the pot. He jammed my check, I folded and he showed the hammer.

I got back up to 9k when I raised pre flop in the highjack with A5s... madbrooklyn called and the flop came an A. I shoved, she called with a better kicker and I go to 5k.

This is when the next 5 hands, I pick up 23. in a row. 2 fucking 3. over the course of three more orbits I see nothing better than 5 2, 93, etc.. I picked up a suited K in there somewhere with a shitty kicker but had to fold to a jam in front of me.

I don't think I saw AA's once. I had KK twice, no Q's, no J's, and 10 10 maybe three times.

I want to find that software that tracks your "luck" statistics, meaning your dealt hands and then spits out a luck factor number. IF anyone can point me in the right direction.

I get down to T3400 and there is a raise and a call in front of me while I hold 10 7 clubs.

I shove and both call the other 1000 left.

flop comes diamonds with a 7, river comes a 10 and I hold to triple.

I have 12k now, and get right back up to 18k winning a hand against ? with ?...

I try another steal with about 3K pre and have to fold to a jam agianst a higher stack.

and card death sits back in. I blind off another 5k in chips, lose a hand to a shorty (22 v QK), and am forced all in with A 4 to jec's A7... IGH

I normally don't mind being card dead, but it seems in the later stages of these things its almost impossible to do anything with the really crappy shit, and when I finally get a suited paint with whatever kicker, I can't so anythign about that either because of pre action.

I don't mind jamming atc with folds to me, but I wont do it with 2 4, or just about 2 anything.

Oh well, it will be one of these times for me, but it has to be quick, since there are only 6 opportunities left.

Whiskigirl and Columbo (?) where heads up when I left and just about even in stacks. Whiski holds strong and takes it down.

with this finish I move up two spots to 5th in points, but who fucking cares anyway.

To ease my pain, I found this... (not safe for work) I suspect Evy will have just as much fun with this as I will :)


evy35 said...

oh MY.....*gulp*

um...jimmy....i've been a good girl this year (which in your view means a bad girl)...can you get me that calendar for christmas???

make it so!

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God bless the SUN!