Monday, October 29, 2007

I swear if I find out who did this I'm going to rip out their eyes, I'm going to suck their F$%king Skull!

Congrats to the Dead Sox for a job, well, uh, done...

I am a baseball fan so I watched about 20 minutes of the game. My wife had the TV most of the night with her mind numbing, gut wrenching, primetime drama series... I got to click over to the game(s) every so often, but filled most of my time playing some sng's...

I wanted to watch the premier of the lost book of Nostradmus on the history channel, but was overruled by the wifey. It came back for a repeat at 1am til 3am, and I didn't make it. I'm sure I'll catch it sometime this week as it is their MO to repeat the shit out of it.

One interesting tid bit I got between Carlos and Abbie, and the Senator and his pregnant non-wife was the fact that Arod has opted out of his contract with the spanky's.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let some aborition of something absolutely insane happen with the current ownership of the phililes, and allow them to at least entertain the possibility of speaking with Boras and Arod to try and see if there would be a fit there (here)...

possible starting lineup:

  1. Jimmy Rollins
  2. Chase Utley
  3. Arod
  4. Ryan Howard
  5. Pat Burrel
  6. Who cares
  7. Who cares

get the point?

Christ, I could pitch if that were the case... I know, I'm dreaming, but imagine the possibilites!!!

Hoy tonight, get 'er done!

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