Saturday, October 27, 2007

Riggs cant hang

Boathouses are for the strong... and apparently I am weak. Everytime I meet Al there, its almost always under the guise of work. we work for like 3 minutes, maybe 4, which entails discussing moving forward with the BBT and RPT online tour, what we can get, what I have lined up, and how we move forward...

Then the drinking commences. I always purposely leave my laptop at home so I have an excuse to leave early in order to get home in time to participate in any of the daily online tournaments we have, and I preregister for.

Unfortunatley, I am weak. I never leave. I tell my wife I'll be home by 8:30, and walk (stumble) in anywhere from 12:30 to 2:30.

I'm not complaining. the man is a criminal. Keeping up with Al is almost impossible. If these were college days, I would be banished to an outpatient treatment center by the afternoon Calc class...

So last night I was entered into Kats Donkament and had every good intention to get home and donk it up. Instead, I succumed to the booze, and Al's charming personality and stayed at the boat. We fired up his laptop and played two simultaneous $2 tournies, one for him, one for me.

Al got down to T125. I went out on a flopped flush draw jam when I didn't hit. Round one he wins. (He came back from T125 and took third.)

We logged him out and I logged in under my name to get to Kats donkamnet. There was about 10 minutes left in the rebuy period and I had blinded down to T500 or so.

I checked auto rebuy and shoved the first hand which missed. Then I shoved the next hand and doubled up. Al was about to log me out when I saw 99. I shoved that, held, and got up to about T9000.

We logged out and went back to two more $2 sng's. We both cahsed in them and got back to Kats game.

The bar closed and we were forced to shove every hand. We closed up and left the bar to take Al home. I don't know how I did it, but I managed to ignore Als desire to take a left to another bar, or a right to his house. I cried no mas and made the right.

GG me. I apologize to anyone at Kats tourny for any comments that might have been construed hurtful. It was a combination of both Al and me being silly inhebriated and nonsensical. I'm sure you all know that already, but I can't exactly remember how hurtful they were so there is my mea culpa

I think by the end of the night we carved out some of next years wish list for prizes for the BBT.

Here is the list we came up with ... and they all started out with "wouldn't it be cool??!!"

  1. House in Key West
  2. a chartered Boeing 757 to take the winner all over the world to play in every event. (sponsored entry of course)
  3. lifetime membership in the Bacon of the month club
  4. Date with Waffles
  5. a year exemption into the UFC
  6. Life time open bar tab at the Boat.

Scotch and Soco mix well!


4dbirds said...

No, I was a soldier. There were a few soldiers stationed on Okinawa.

SirFWALGMan said...

I will put up the prize as long as Al does not win the date.

Riggstad said...


I can pretty much guarantee that