Tuesday, October 30, 2007

DONATIONS, DONATIONS... I thought it was the trash!

I had Basketball practice last night for my Girls Travel team. It was our first official practice, having come off of clinics that I had run for about 3 weeks. We have two teams this year because of he amount of talent we have. So instead of having cuts, I will field two teams and make the best of it.

The organization isn't run very well, so I decided to take conrol of our teams and run them as a separate entity. The parents dig it, and we coach their girls to understand the game first, then winnning second. Although we were undefeated our two previous season, this year is turning out to be a little more competitive because of a new league we will be competing in. For 9 year old girls, we have some talent. It'll be fun to say the least...

Anyway, the point is, I had a coaches meeting after practice, which made me about 45 minutes late for the Hoy. I was surprised to see 82 again in the field. I thought word might have spread a little farther and expected to see closer to 100. Still, the buyin might have something to do with it as opposed to The MOOK and the RC...

When I got to the table, I was down to only about 2500. I got lucky twice shoving QJ (with only 1400 left) from the BB into Evy's blind steal. Only she had AQ. I hit a J and doubled up. Then the same thing happened again when I shoved AJ into QQ and caught two J's.

I got up to about 30k at one point, never getting lucky (or unlucky) again until I finally went out in 4th.

Worm and Magician went heads up and continued to play, flipping stacks back and forth like a heads vs. tails tournament. I couldn't keep my eyes open and fell asleep. They played HU for quite a while.

I did manage to see Smokee blowing Mag this time, although not as much as he did Lucko at the final table of the Riverchasers tourny on thurs. Those comments really crack me up. One was, "why even have the TOC? Just let these two monsters play it heads up and save everyone some time"

I was a shorty at the final table the whole time until I doubled off of Snailtrax when he open raised A7 sooted into my AJ. I dissapointed Fuel once by folding a limped presto early on at the FT to get shoved by the BB. I didn't feel like racing (being dominated) and figured I would pick a better spot.

Mookie tomorrow night, and RC on Thursday. See you all there!


smokkee said...

yo Riggs,

go check out MTT stats on Lucko21 and xxMagicianxx at thepokerdb.com and compare it to everyone else's MTT stats. these clowns are so far ahead of us, it's not even funny.

Riggstad said...


Dude i get it... I met Kev last year at the blogger thingy in Dec. (and you, briefly.) I sat between the two of you for a short time. The I met him again this year at the WSOP. I didn't play, I bought someone else in.

I read his blog, and checked his stats, and also played him in the first round of the HU challenge.

Just bustin' your stones! All in good fun! I should be out there again this year, and I am planning a gig for all of the bloggers at the Borgata in the spring with AL. Looking at possible sponsorship from Coors lite as well... Keep checking back

smokkee said...

no worries. i didn't even realize we met at last yr's WPBT. i had a shot at busting Lucko outta that tourney. but, couldn't pull the trigger. he probably woulda sucked out anyway tho.

Riggstad said...

I remeber that hand Bro... I was sitting between you two. You had A rag, and he had (said he had) KQ...

and your right, against him there you are at least a 70/30 dog!!!

lucko said...

LOL, smokkee's a fag!


Nice run tonight Rigg, keep me in the loop of any AC meets. I def would be in.