Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hoy Final Table Comments

Astin put a post up about Monday's FT, and Miami Don, posted a comment... I have some thoughts about it as well...

In my defense, theres not much pushing I'm going to do with 6 2- 9 5o, which were honeslty the cards I got for about 3 consecutive orbits.
If I ran into any suited connector or pair, it went in, and I actually stole with off suited gappers twice.

I recognized three things as well at that FT...

1) Big stack shoved everyhand (as they should) - If I had any defensible hand it went in (twice) and I stole

2) everyone else was pretty much playing the same cautious poker, so I can figure that waiting for as much as a medium hand in position will be a good spot to shove.

3) I'm definately not playing for the money. The only prize was first for the seat, so, being short I stole when I could, and waited for my shot at a double up knowing I would get it when I had a big hand

4) I got up from 18k to 30k at one point and raised from the c/o only to get rejammed, and had to fold.

At that FT, down to 7, I recognized the play, and knowing the capacity to call the shorty, so I can't necessarily shove without a medium hand, soooted connectors, etc..

I came to that table last in chips, and pretty much stayed there for about 5 orbits. I managed to sustain that level of chips, stealing at least once an orbit, then doubling up off of Snail.

It was a frustrating table and once I got below 20k at any point, I stole with atc.

What is at stake here, IMO, is going to make these FT play like that from here until its over. That sat seat is a beautiful thing, the largest ever, and people want it. And, with the fields as large as they are, you'd have to be Bayne to think you will get to multiple FT's, so the one you are in now might be your only shot... this will dictate the weak/tightness that was displayed on Monday.

Again, not saying its right, just get used to it...


Astin said...

Unfortunately, that kind of play at a final table means that you're very likely looking at the top two stacks being heads-up and then it being a half hour of coin flipping. Unless one of the smaller stacks hits a 3 or 4 hand run of cards and gets paid off.

Honestly Rigg, I was pulling for you to come back and do something, but knew as the short stack you were in a precarious position. You have a legit excuse being the shorty and card dead, although even then I'd consider pushing with just about ATC in position. Maybe not every time (because then it's obvious), but with some frequency.

The thing is, it was obvious that Mag was full of it and the medium stacks should have been pushing back and restealing from him. Even heads-up was painful to watch, where it was "wait for ace or paint."

But you're right, with the prize being so juicy and the field so large, people are going to be... timid at the FT, which makes for a painful game to watch, and I think is the worst way to play them.

Riggstad said...

I totaly agree... Maybe tonight I will get to the FT with some sort of stack to be able to dictate when it goes in :)

I also agree with the statment that the medium stacks should have been pushing, and I was waiting for that to happen so that I could then hopefully catch one or two and get after it myself.

Oh Well... it will be interesting to see what happens tonight and tomorrow night...

Francase said...

The hat worked well. Finished 2nd last night in its debut.

You've been tagged.