Tuesday, August 28, 2007

HUC - one and done

T'was a fast first round for me. Lucko proved to be to much as I got rng'd into oblivion.

We played two $30 heads up matches on Tilt. I went into this knowing he was a stellar online player, and I haven't really played too much heads up save the 10 or so matches I played while on vacation. I pride myself on being a better than average HUplayer but luck, or bad luck I should say got the best of me..

In the first match, I will take the blame. I don't remember the order of hands but I jumped out to an early lead, not by much but by maybe 300. I got AJ on the button and I think I limped in. either way there was a reraise pre. The flop came A 4 x with two clubs. Lucko raised and I reraised almost half my stack, which he flat called.

I thought for a second (for some reason) that he was pushing maybe a flulsh draw, or a weaker ace. But the flat call should have indicated a strong hand. When the turn came. (x) he auto shoved. I couldn't put him on a better A, didn't think about it too much and called. He had A4... That put me at about 135 chips. I got back up to just about 1k when I jammed an oesd and caught.

Then I ran QQ into KK and it was over. I could've gotten away from the KK when the flop came a K, but he checked, flat called a raise from me, again with two suits. I was so dominated in chips I just shoved he turn and on to the next game it was...

The second game came and again I got out to a marginal lead. I think I got up to about 1800 in chips when I picked up AA.

I limped in on the button and he raised to 60. (it was early). I reraised to I think about 140, and he called. The flop came 3 5 x. I raised 120, and he jammed. I thought it might have been pretty obvious that I was super strong... I was almost upset with myself because of the really weak, non standard bets I was putting out there almost broadcasting my strength.

When he jammed I thought for a second he might have caught a pair or possibly a set, but I'm not folding there...

He showed A 2 and turned a 4 for his straight. That got me down to about 600 in chips. I jammed a raise to him again when I flopped another oesd with an over card, and never caught up.

It was really fast and furious and I wish I would've slowed down, but we were both catching some sick heads up hands. I am also on vacation and not really in the frame of mind to compete a whole bunch.

It was definately fun though and I look forward to the next one.

gg Kev!


HighOnPoker said...

Unfortunately, luck can play a huge role in HU SNGs. GG and thanks for playing.

Riggstad said...

good stuff.. can't wait for the next one