Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We are all degenerate losers!

Back from vacation and I always wonder upon return why I bothered. It really is such a pain to come back and catch up on everything that it just sometimes doesn't make any sense for leaving in the first place. The kids had a great time, the place is wonderful, and the beach is, well, the beach. But the reward doesn't seem worth the risk when I am hit with whatever comes at me when I get back. wwaaahhhhhhh. Ok I"m done.

But something struck me funny while on vacation. I had conversations with family and friends who aren't poker players. They all know what I do for a living. That is own a poker company, play poker, and other poker related things. I have played poker since they met me. I was playing at the Taj in AC back in 91 when I first met my wifes family. Often. So its no surprise.

I started this company three years ago, so that is no surprise. But it never ceases to amaze me the lack of interest, and sort of brush off I get when with the family and all are discussing about their jobs, daily lives, etc...

My brother in law is a VP of whatever for a nice sized tech company that does software pakages for Health care providers. The other one is an insurance broker in Denver who does extremely well, and the sisters husband is a psycologist for folks with subsatance abuses, because he has "life" experience with that (and I'm the degenerate).

I dont like to talk about how much I do or dont make, but I can be pretty sure I out earn all of them. But when we talk about what I do, how the industry is going, etc, etc, its like I have a hobby and not a job, or career even. Not that I mind... I think most would love to have their "hobby", whatever it is, be the vehicle for how they pay the bills, a'la Tiger Woods, but I think you get the point.

I don't think non-poker players even have a clue of how much money there is in poker as a business. I'm not talking about just playing and winning tournaments and ring games... god (as well of most of us), understand what a grind that can be.

What I refer to is the fact of the business opportunities there are inside of this little category known as poker. Selling things, marketing to huge databases, etc... In 2006 Google said that poker was the most searched word. Not Tits, Ass, or Christ... POKER

I can't believe that poker has an auora of shame or guilt around it that people play, either online, or live but still don't like to broadcast it much.

I run a free roll poker tour, and it amazes me that people assume that most of the players on the tour are college kids, of just 21-30 year bar hoppers with nothing to do. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have more women, and more 45+ folks that play on the tour than any other demographic.

I guess it's just me being defensive, but who is anyone to begrudge anyone else a living, or judge someone on how they make that living, save the lack of legality in what you do...

whats also amazes me is that people still think that poker as it stands today is a fad. And that there is a bubble that will burst and peoples interst in poker will fade away. Let me tell you, I have been warned by numerous people throughout my companies life that people will stop playing. Let me also tell you, as I'm sure I don't have to, that as long as there is money and fame on the line that is attainable for as little as a $1 satellite on an online poker site, well, we do after all live in America...

Done ranting... for now

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