Sunday, August 26, 2007

Vacation, and the ensuing travel hell

Left for the outerbanks today. Our second week of the annual trip we make every year. This year we made a trek in late May, and now this week. We usually like to take them back to back , but this year was proved too much for time... We will probably stay though for at least 1o days this time around getting back just in time for the start of school...

I had the kids up pretty late last night in anticipation of the 8 hour ride, hoping they would be exhausted and sleep most of the way. All told I make this trip anywhere in 6-8 hours. By myself or my brother in law when we come down later than the rest of the family, it is easy to fly, and make minimal stops.

With the kids, its at least 4 stops, and no faster than 65 mph because of the 6 year old cop I have riding in the back.

Unfortunately, they didn't sleep. At all. The 9 and 6 year old took turns in tormenting the 3 year old with "monster" stories and flying stuffed animals, and the boy (15 months) decided to cut his molars as soon as we hit the blue route.

He pretty much screamed from the top of DE all the way to about halfway through NC. Crying babies, or crying anything for that matter is like kryptonite to me, and it took everything I had to not drive the car directly into the chesapeake bay.

We made it though through some pretty crazy rain storms that brought the unusually light traffice to pretty much what seemed like rush hour in NYC.

The 9 year old tired pretty quickly of beating up her sisters, and decided to turn on the i-pod and seranade us with the likes of Rhianna and JoJo... not sure who they are but it sounded more like Beyonce' to me... I'll admit, I was groovin'!

We had to stop 3 times because of some false "I gotta throw up" emergencies, and the usual 3 other times to gas up, pee and chow.

Just as we pulled onto 12 to head north to Pine Island, about 7 1/2 hours into our 8 hour trip, all three fell quietly asleep. We just now got them to bed.

I look forward to a relaxing vacation. I joined ski's pick'em league and the HUC, and hope to have a fun time in both. I pimped the pick'em league through my RPT website, and have already gotten about 7 more participants. Check it out and join.

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