Monday, April 18, 2011

What I want is for you too stand there in that faggety white uniform, and with your Harvard mouth, extend me some courtesy

It happened one day across the great divide of government hypocrisy and jurisdictional servitude. (<-- I made that up). That is, online poker came crumbling down.

I will give you my thoughts in a nutshell, but others, far better equipped than me in the legal, and industry aspect of it, have and are doing so. So go look.

I do see a theme here in comments and on social network sites with sarcasm about how chance is better suited for the stock market, and you can still go bet online lotteries and such. The point is that this has really nothing to do with Poker and really everything to do with revenue. You all know that.

I would also state that the term "chance" has everything to do with the type of game. As CK wrote in the above linked post, the State of PA (a municipal judge) ruled that Texas Hold'em was deemed a game of skill therefore not falling under the "chance" terminology which put them directly in the line of fire of Illegal gaming. See, PA deems illegal gaming as anything that contains these three aspects... Consideration, chance, and reward. Consideration being you PAID to participate, chance meaning the game or event has an element of Chance, and reward, meaning you can win something.

Unfortunately for the bar owners who brought the original suit and received a favorable ruling, the state of PA had just legalized table games in the State, including poker. What they didn't realize is that the casinos who just paid a $15 million dollar license fee to provide Texas holdem in their billion dollar properties weren't going to stand by and let some bar run $20 buy-ins every tuesday night.

Hence the appeal to the state supreme court, and OH, btw.. thank you very much Mr. Lobby.

Anyway... I still believe this is a total raping of the market by the likes of Harrah's and their billion dollar lobbyists so that when this thing is finally sorted out they have an open market to launch into, possibly looking like the good guys. Don't forget, Facebook, Google, and the likes of other social networking sites will be able to provide online poker as well once it's legalized. Don't think a Billion dollar corporation who wants to get in on this once it's legal has any problem with the news about the "top three", let alone be so naive to think they may have had something to do with it.

Got through this nice bottle of scotch I was hinting at. McCallan Sherry Oak 18 year old from a friend who thought I could use it. Drank most of it by myself as well bitches. Doc, Bam... promise I will have another bottle waiting for when we sit again. Haven't researched where to get it or know if it's even hard to find. Given the source, I doubt it will be difficult.


Wolfshead said...

Glad to see you are still alive and your usual socialble self.

BamBam said...

I'll never admit to holding you, (despite pics to the contrary) but I WILL hold you to that promise!


ONLINE Poker is rigged anywho!
Smart players play the Riverchasers Tour!

DrChako said...

Had the pleasure of a Sherry Oak Macallan 18 myself. Didn't share that one either. Wouldn't stop me from picking one up if anyone who'd appreciate it happened to stop by NorCal.


snakster said...

I have an unopened bottle of The Balvenie Portwood 21 YO sitting in my cabinet waiting for a good reason to be tasted. Can you think of one?