Thursday, April 7, 2011

It was kinda like Swingers Vince Vaughn, not Old School Vince Vaughn

So what's going on in the last 4-6 months? Just gotta come by and read. See If I can catch everyone up on the goings on in Riggsville.

In the meantime... The Phils are rockin', theMasters Start today, Poker has waned (at least interest except for the live game), and I'm getting divorced. Oh, and I'm also starting up a new deal with Goat and some others on some Best Movie character of all time type deal...

Stay tuned for all the details. OH, and I also came across a new Scotch. Which I will detail ever so eloquently at the time I finish the bottle :) DIRECTLY after I finish the bottle :))


Anonymous said...

Sorry, who are you again?


DrChako said...

Sorry to hear about the divorce. Can't be easy.

Okay, enough with the mushy stuff. Tell us about the scotch!


Astin said...

Nothing interesting here... oh wait.. divo--- new scotch?

jamyhawk said...

Sorry to hear about the divorce. Been there done that. and then went there again.... but that is another long story. But now I'm happier than ever. You'll get there.

Hope all is well. You going to Vegas this summer?

SirFWALGMan said...

Gratz on the Divorce! Those fuckers who say "sorry" are idiotic morons! I should take up scotch.

BamBam said...

Can anyone picture Waffles on Scotch, with us?
1 Glenlivet,
2 Glenlivet,
3 Glenlivet,

When I stop by here and see words, I smile. That is a rather large responsibility you have there. You should take it seriously and keep me smiling. I don't know, maybe you should make it a life mission or something?

Just something to consider, since you obviously have nothing else on your plate.

Brudders FOR LIFE!

smokkee said...


enjoy the scotch brotha!

Julius_Goat said...

The funny thing is none of you know that when Riggs says "Scotch" he's talking about tape.