Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Poker in PA!

So this weekend started PA's foray into live poker. Most casinos opened with tables and I read some reports and spoke to some who went and tried to play.

I did not get there myself, but let's talk about some numbers.

The Hollywood Casino (Hershey Area) started with about 12 - 15 tables. At 11pm there were 72 people on the waiting list.

The Sands (Bethlehem) opened with 12 maybe 13 tables and people were told about 3 hours in that there would be a 3 hour wait at least. They were spreading 1/2 , 2/4, and 3/6 limit and NL games. No tournament tables were seen offered.

There was a story about people from Delaware Park driving to AC because their list was 90 deep. OH boy, this oughta be fun!


The Poker Meister said...

I played at Delaware Park on Friday - have you been there yet?

snakster said...

Harrah's Chester advertises a 25 table poker room. Haven't seen it.

No poker room yet at Parx, but I did check out the casino on monday (got a couple chips for my collection). I figure that will be the last time I see the main casino being that the poker room will supposedly be in the Track building.

One thing I'll say for parx, they got the cocktail waitress part right.

Dawn Summers said...

So, what you're saying is that AC shouldnt lose any sleep?